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WellMatt Cocolat XS Baby Mattress has the best baby mattress standards in Europe

WellMatt holds the best baby mattress standards in Europe, with its 100% coconut fiber and natural latex layers obtained from natural rubber tree (Hevea Brasiliensis). This special properties provide a great temperature regulation keeping babies warm in winter and cool in summer times. WellMatt Baby Mattresses’ washable covers are completely prepared with natural cotton yarns, which refreshes your baby and prevent bacterias, mold, mildew and dust mites.

Since WellMatt Baby Mattresses are manufactured of certified natural materials, they posses high air permeability, moisture retention and anti-bacterial properties. Both sides of baby mattresses can be used.  Each side contains medium-hard comfort structure, which helps your baby for a comfortable sleep and at the same time develop&grow its bones in a healthy way.

WellMatt’s Chairman Murat Yıldız claimed; “Since the beginning of our story we strive to provide the best sleep comfort, use a great quality of materials and service at affordable prices for our Mattresses and sleep products. In autumn of 2017; DIN EN 16890 standard came into force for baby mattresses in Europe. With this standard in legislation, 14 different baby mattresses in Germany were tested with regards to safety requirements and testing methods for baby mattresses. 7 mattresses in these test have failed since baby’s head was plunged into the mattresses too much and was inadequate. Very surprisingly, well-known manufacturer models in upper price segment were not able to pass these tests either. In order to receive the approval complying to the standard, boths sides of the mattress should pass these tests successfully. As a result of tests carried out on 14 different mattresses, most successful model was published containing 3 cm coconut coir and additionally a latex layer on the other side. Thus, the recommendation/use of a latex mattress containing at least 3 cm of coconut fiber layer for newborn babies was registered. Tests; in order to prevent sudden newborn death syndrome, have proven that especially harder mattresses are best choices for babies.”

Mr. Yıldız added; “Cocolat XS, which is the most preferred newborn mattress in our Wellmatt collection, uses 4cm Latex on one side and 3cm Coconut coir and wool on the other side. This way your baby will sleep in a completely natural mattress and will enjoy the right comfort for its bone development as well.”

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