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Etiket Arşivi: furniture

Mattress industry grows in Kayseri

In the furniture exports Kayseri is the pupil of the eyes of Turkey, who ranked number-12 in the world Furniture sector in Kayseri is on the rise of sofa, armchair and bed production. Kayseri has become an important furniture center ...

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Isbir raises the quality bar in the European market

Played a leading role in the mattress and products category becoming a sector, Isbir conveys its quality goods to all over the world. Tufan Boynuyoğun, İşbir Yatak Turkey Sales Manager tells the sleep technologies they have developed provide a much ...

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Let your baby sleep and grow with Montes by Cilek!

Cilek Furniture launched Montes baby room series for babies to have a more effective learning process with suitable environment. Montes has a sheltered and free space where your baby can wiggle comfortably. Cilek added colorful wooden beads that will contribute ...

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WellMatt Cocolat XS Baby Mattress has the best baby mattress standards in Europe

WellMatt holds the best baby mattress standards in Europe, with its 100% coconut fiber and natural latex layers obtained from natural rubber tree (Hevea Brasiliensis). This special properties provide a great temperature regulation keeping babies warm in winter and cool ...

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