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Bambi hits the bull’s-eye with its Magic Touch System

Bambi Yatak, which has developed opening systems of bed bases with a single foot movement for the first time in the world, proves that they encoded the R&D works to its DNA. Designed by engineers of Bambi, the system allows ...

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Mattress industry grows in Kayseri

In the furniture exports Kayseri is the pupil of the eyes of Turkey, who ranked number-12 in the world Furniture sector in Kayseri is on the rise of sofa, armchair and bed production. Kayseri has become an important furniture center ...

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Wooden furniture market size to exceed $580 bn by 2025

Wooden Furniture Market size is estimated to surpass USD 580 billion by 2025; according to a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc. Growing demand for modular and elegant wooden furniture in both urban and rural areas across the globe ...

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1Dünya Mobilya globalizes from Kayseri

Striking out from Kayseri, mattress of 1Dünya Mobilya is an expert on global mattress field. Kubilay Pacal, Founder of 1Dünya Mobilya, said that this success is result from its R&D works. Starting to production in 1998, in Kayseri, Kubilay Pacal, ...

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Heimtextil’s key topic: “Sleep”

Current studies show that an increasing number of people are sleeping badly. Researchers cite stress, noise, increasing light pollution and the permanent availability of smartphones and the like as the causes. Heimtextil (7-10 January 2020) is once again making a ...

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