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Sabah Yatak is on the side of hotel businesses with professional solutions

Celebrating its 36th anniversary Sabah Yatak Company now has a 10 thousand sqm factory and capacity to produce 1200 pieces of mattresses and bases annually on its modern machinery inventory. Sales and Marketing manager of the company Uraz Solmaz says that their production is mostly sold to touristic facilities and student hostels in the country and abroad. He told us about the growth plans and new product lines of this leading brand.

Mister Uraz, where are your sales points located both at home and abroad? What is your competitive power in the channels that you export to?

We do not have certain distributors in domestic market. Our brand offices responsible for Mediterranean and Aegean sales are in direct contacts with all hotels in their regions. Hotel managers are demanding to establish direct communication with mattress manufacturers; as a result the distribution channels cannot be functional in domestic market.

The situation is somehow different in the markets abroad. There are both international hotel groups that we have direct contact with them and some representative companies in these countries. We work with this way in all CIS countries, central Europe and in the Balkans. In these cases we visit our customers together with our reps in that country, in case of need.

What were the major projects in 2018 and will you tell us about the projects you completed in the tourism sector?

Thailand has been a hope for us among the countries that we entered first in export markets. We will move ahead in this country. Besides we have completed hotel projects in Hyatt Tashkent, Hyatt Belgrade, Radisson Blu Ivory Coast, Abidjan, Hydra Algeria, Marriott Tiflis, Armenia, Spain and Sheraton Bishkek in addition to Limak Cyrus De Luxe and Concorde Luxury Resort Hotel in 2018.

Are there any special design projects this year? What is your production strategy in 2019?

We developed a new product group named Hotelflex, having five different mattress models that were designed for our slogan “economic comfort” that targets 3 and 4 star seashore hotels. It is an alternative solution for “mattress repair”, a raising need lately.

Some hotels target to utilize their old mattresses for an additional ten years by changing the fabric and upper layers of mattresses after using them 10 to 15 years. Mites, bacteria living inside the mattress remain untouched. This is a real problem for hygiene. So, we made this economic product line for those buyers by telling them “do not repair, renew them cheaply”.

Product designs have been changing depending on the trends emerging hotels in the last decade or so. What is the position of your brand in this change?

That’s true. The hotels in the country have been affected by these changes in the market and it is going on now. The result of this change can be summarized as the rise in product quality, the use of environment friendly materials, the raising standards for manufacturing, the growing demand for flame retarded, hygienic, and long lasting products and higher comforts.

Would you share info about what is on your agenda in terms of your new investments and projects?

We think that the year 2019 will be favorable for the tourism industry in Turkey. We observe a growing investment trend for renovation projects in seashore hotels. We, as Sabah Yatak, try to follow the developments in the market with our field sales staff by participating in fairs in the country and abroad. We plan to take place beside our hotel managements with our functional product groups that aim all segments of buyers from top to bottom who demand economical products.


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