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Etiket Arşivi: bedding

Germany loves sleeping on Yatas

Yatas Group, one of the leading companies in the furniture and mattress sector, continues its export-oriented growth. In the first seven months of 2019, Yatas Group has increased its turnover two folds compared to the same period of the previous ...

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Yataş Bedding: “We are selected as the most successful brand of the furniture industry for last 4 years”

“We strive to use almost every instrument of social media effectively. Although Instagram is our main interaction channel, we produce media-specific contents for Facebook and Youtube and we locate Twitter for our CRM solutions. Yataş Bedding Sleep and Children Youtube ...

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Almina Reina – Always rejuvenated, every day dynamic!

Setting on a journey with its “more comfortable and higher quality sleep” in 1995, Almina Reina exports 50% of its production to abroad and offers sound sleep to a lot places in the world. Producing with high technology and hand ...

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WellMatt Cocolat XS Baby Mattress has the best baby mattress standards in Europe

WellMatt holds the best baby mattress standards in Europe, with its 100% coconut fiber and natural latex layers obtained from natural rubber tree (Hevea Brasiliensis). This special properties provide a great temperature regulation keeping babies warm in winter and cool ...

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“We will raise the bar for the furniture industry even more”

* Mustafa Balcı, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Association of Turkish Furniture Manufacturers (MOSDER), made important evaluations about the industry following the IMOB 2019 Fair. Pointing out that furniture industry is the water of life for Turkish economy Balcı ...

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