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Tufan Boynuyoğun, Turkey Sales Manager of Isbir Yatak

Isbir raises the quality bar in the European market

Played a leading role in the mattress and products category becoming a sector, Isbir conveys its quality goods to all over the world.

Tufan Boynuyoğun, İşbir Yatak Turkey Sales Manager tells the sleep technologies they have developed provide a much more comfortable experience than many products available in Europe today.

Can you give us an idea of the place that mattresses and mattress products hold in the furniture sector?

Mattresses and mattress products, considered in the past as an item that was given as a gift with purchases made in the furniture sector, has started developing rapidly with advancing technology and the increasing demand of consumers in the modern era. Today mattresses and mattress products have become items that consumers actually research and compare before buying. This has resulted in the field of mattresses and mattress products rapidly growing and becoming a sector. Design and new technology investments have gained importance in the development of this sector as the number of informed consumers has grown. Every step that is taken in this field takes the brands a step further.

As İşbir Yatak, the admiral brand of İşbir Holding, which is in the position of being the raw materials producer of Turkey and the world for mattress products, we have played a leading role in the mattress and products category becoming a sector. By opening Turkey’s first mattress store we brought the concept of merchandizing mattresses to the retail sector. Today we reach every corner of Turkey with over 150 concept stores all over the country.

How did Turkish furniture export do in 2019? What kind of exporting plan will your country make for 2020?

The export activities of the Turkish furniture sector are increasing every day. We managed to increase our exports, which were 180 million dollars in the year 2000, 18 fold in the first half of 2019 to reach 3.2 billion dollars. We are bringing our products to every location in the world with the new technologies we have developed.

We export the products we produce in Turkey under the “İşbir Bedding” brand to 18 countries. The sleep technologies we have developed provide a much more comfortable experience than many products available in Europe today. Especially the products we make with visco elastic material have raised the quality benchmark in Europe.

In previous years we have been able to achieve a very good market volume in Europe. European countries like Germany, Belgium, France and Holland, where there are large populations of Turks, play a leading role in our export route. We will be focusing on increasing our market share in Europe with the exporting we will do to the region.

Norway, Belgium, Hungary, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Greece, Germany, England, France, Holland, Ireland, Russia, Spain, Bulgaria, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, U.A.E., Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Egypt, Kuwait, Mozambique, Sudan, Yemen, Azerbaijan and TRNC are the main countries we export to.

Istanbul, Kayseri and Bursa are the leading cities in Turkey when it comes to mattress production; in what position do you consider the city you are in with respect to mattress production? What do you think should be done to improve this?

Ankara is located in an advantageous region in terms of logistics. When it is considered in terms of export activities our operations here makes us stronger logistically. We are able to get our products anywhere in the world from Ankara.

Can you evaluate your region in terms of conditions for raw materials, distribution, etc.?

Ankara, the center of our production and export oriented work, is as advantageous in logistics terms as it is a disadvantage in terms of access to raw materials. The lack of raw material producers in the region can sometimes present us with a challenge in terms of competitive pricing. However, as a brand that defines the superior aspects of technology as the starting point for all its production and export operations, we overcome these challenges with the advantages of our technological capabilities.

Which international and national fairs do you participate in?

We participate in the world’s largest and most prestigious fairs as the national and domestic brand of Turkey. Most recently we exhibited our products at the iSaloni Milano Furniture Fair, one of the most important platforms where the world furniture sector meets.

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