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Etiket Arşivi: isbir

Isbir goes beyond the continents with Turquality support

    * One of the companies that are supported by special incentives under the frame of Turquality program ISBIR aims longer steps both in domestic and export markets   The youngest investment of Isbir holding, Isbir Yatak (Isbir Mattress ...

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Isbir reflects energy of Spring to designs Basic Line

The new collection of Isbir, reflects the revival of the nature into the bedrooms. Basic line series of mattresses from Isbir reflects the revival of the nature into the bedrooms through its Basic Line. Using special fabrics, the company offers ...

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Isbir Yatak Opens 30 Sleep Centers İn Abroad

With incentives provided under brand support program, the company invest has invested in 20 countries in four years and opened 30 centers abroad. Aiming to improve their awareness in Europe and in Middle East, marketing manager of Arzu Copur informed ...

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Heat Conditioned Pads Of Isbir Keep Cool

Launching several new products in the mattress market, the company offers four season comfort and hygiene with its heat-conditioned pads. Produced as two types, one for singles and other for both spouses the product adds more choice for customers and ...

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CoolFlow for perfect sleep

Isbir bed company keeps launching alternatives for perfect sleep. Lately, CoolFlow beds are ideal for spouses whose weights, sizes and sleep positions are different. CoolFlow is a new spring system used in beds designed for maximum air ventilation and for ...

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