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Yaytas mattresses offer quality and comfortable sleep

The company has ten types of models addressing to all budgets for homes and contract markets.

Yaytas Furniture Company was established in 2002 and started mattress production in 2009. As a leading brand in mattress production the company has been continuing to supply a wide variety of quality mattresses for domestic and world markets.

Yaytas has a production base of 2000 square meters of covered area in Kirac, Istanbul. Having an expert and quality team, Yaytas offers its mattresses, which are made from quality spring system and supported by soft stuffing materials, to a high caliber of clientele. Produced from knitted and flame retardant fabrics Yaytas mattresses offer quality and comfortable sleep for home and contract sectors.

Flame retardant mattresses are especially ideal for contract market such as hotels, dormitories, hospitals, etc. According to an official of Yaytas, the company places extra importance on quality and on time service with maximum care and attention to customer satisfaction.