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Therapedic International ’s Agility Beats the Rollator Test

Coming off a very encouraging preview at the High Point Market this past fall, Therapedic International officially released its new Agility line at the World Market Center during the recent winter Las Vegas Market here. The product was enthusiastically received by the dealers who saw it at the Therapedic showroom, with many dealers placing orders for it, for immediate delivery.

The four-number line-up will retail from $1,299/queen size to $2,999/queen size. All models feature a bright floral cover design, accented by the Pantone color of the year, tangerine, border. Many dealers commented on the attractive and attention getting look of the product. The distinguishing feature of all the Agility models is the micro pocket coils and the mini-micro pocket coils used in the construction.

The pocket coils are made unlike any other, in that they are not sewn or glued together. Instead, they are held together by a three-way stretch fabric which gives the coils a free range of movement, allowing them to respond to surface movement in a complete 360-degreee circumference, giving the mattress a very agile sleep surface.

The coil counts in the individual models range from 736/queen in the opening model, to 5472/queen coils in the top model. Of interest to many dealers at this market showing was the durability testing that was just released on the product. The testing was done at Hickory Springs in Conover, NC. The product performed superbly on all testing completed under laboratory conditions.

A Hexagonal Juggernaut Rollator Test was performed to simulate ten years of mattress life usage. 100,000 cycles of this test were performed. The entry level model lost just 13% firmness at the conclusion of  this test.

The top model lost only 3% firmness. Even more impressive was the fact that the models sustained between 0% and 3% of its percentage profile height loss during the testing. “I have tested many mattresses over the course of my career,” said Jimmy Bush, executive vice president of Hickory Springs, “and I’ve never seen a product perform as well as Agility did during durability testing.” “This is a tremendous endorsement about the support and durability characteristics of Agility,” said Gerry Borreggine, president and CEO of Therapedic.