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Sabah Mattress ,active in mattress production for three decades

“We work with an understanding that we have to legate a better world to our children. We are aware of our responsibilities and are keen on complying all regulations and being a part of all social campaigns,” says Onder Arikan of  Sabah Mattress Company in an interview conducted by Sleep Well Magazine recently.

Full text of the exclusive interview follows:

How long is your company active in the industry? 

This year we celebrate our 30th anniversary at our factory of 10,000 sqm in Corlu, having a daily production capacity of two thousand mattresses.

What kind of products do you have in your portfolio?

Recently we have expanded our product line by adding three product groups namely VIP Line, Premium Line and Comfort Line. The first one is composed of flex, elegant, and prima models. They are 26 to 34 cm high and use pocket spring system and high quality stuffing, high rate of cotton and covered by special fabrics.

Premium line is more classical and composed of neoflex, maxxflex and diamente models. These are especially preferred by luxury hotels. Some have double padded, that have springs and sponges on both sides of the mattress. Comfort line have models such as, multirama, Napolitano and segreto, they are thinned than other lines.

What about the source of the inputs you use?

Springs, fibers, sponges, latex, felts, fabrics, wooden materials are basic inputs for our manufacturing process. We delicately choose the best quality and the most suitable supplier for these. Some of them, such as latex and forestry are imported from abroad.

What can be said about your product and process development activities?

We use both our own staff and outsourcing for research and development. For us, quality, innovation and new product development are important. We utilize feed back we got from our customers and sales staff. Being an eco-friendly company is also important for us. We work with an understanding that we have to inherit a better world to our children. We are aware of our responsibilities and are keen on complying all regulations and being a part of all social campaigns. In this regard 100 % of our waste is sent to recycling firms and try to increase awareness about ecology of both our staff and of our buyers. We cooperate with Turcev foundation in a social responsibility framework and we recollect 40 percent of our packaging materials.

Which countries are your export markets?

Our products are delivered to most of the European, CIS countries and in MENA region. 30 percent of our production goes to exports, 55 percent is for contract businesses and the rest is sold in domestic market.