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Tabba Furniture a qualitative sleep leads to a nice day!

That is the definition of the importance of mattress at Tabba Furniture Company . Pointing out that their goal was to offer maximum level of sleep with their  products, Ahmet Tahtasakal, proprietor of the company says, “We owe our specialization to our focus on sleep system. You will find the best solution in Tabba expertise and you will wake  up with a new smile every morning.”

Tahtasakal also briefed on their new investments and their targets for 2013 in the interview he granted to Sleep Well.

Could you brief us about yourself?

I was born in Kayseri in 1978. I graduated Construction Engineering Faculty of Istanbul University in 1999 after finishing Kucukcalik Anadolu Lise. I spent the year 2000 in England and started MBA program at Baskent University in 2001. I returned to Kayseri to work on my family business, automotive products and tire trade in 2002. I am married with two children.

How long have you been active as Tabba Furniture ?

We, my cousin Burak Bamyacioglu and I, established TABBA in 2005. Burak had also dealt with his family business after graduating Business Administration Faculty of Dogu Akdeniz University. We decided to enter furniture business when our industrialization desire became dominant. We focused only on sleep systems and targeted to offer right products for quality sleep for the consumers.

What can you mention about your services in the mattress industry?

We are active to offer our own competitive products as well as production on demand for respectful brands in the sector. The service wing of these services belongs to our own brand only. We place extra importance on reaching end-users with our investments in our dealer network and services. We don’t undertake services with one standard but consider regional differences in meeting requirements. Some of our dealers need promotion and advertisement while some others need better price quotations. We discuss the needs of every region and do our best to support them in line with our principles.

Can you mention about your sales regions? Do you import, too?

We can render excellent service in Istanbul since we have our regional directorate and a store house. Besides, we serve all regions of Turkey but we are more active in Central Anatolia because of the nature of our field.

How do you develop your products? Is it done by your R&D department? Can you mention about your R&D activities?
We develop our products by following world trends and testing the combination of new materials. Instead of having an R&D study year round, we prefer the works of project teams constituted by colleagues from manufacturing and marketing in only last two months of the year. Thus, we can follow the most recent approaches before we start new product series for the new year. After finishing all tests we get our most reliable friends test the new products and we manage the final point.

What are your manufacturing, export and domestic sale capacities?

Our first priority is not to generate waste capacity. We are in an effort to balance our manufacturing and sales capacities. We roughly have a monthly capacity of 6,000 pieces.

Can you mention your new investments?

We manage our investments in line with the importance we attach on the consumers rather than capacity. We will have different packaging and hygiene investments in the period to come.

What would you like to add as a final point?

I have observed the mattress and sleep products to be come a separate sector than the furniture industry since 2005. I would like to express my special thanks to SLEEP WELL Family for your importa nt contribution to re inforce this unde rstanding.