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Patient beds from Gaysan

Besides its designs that add comfort into life at home, Gaysan Furniture Co. attracts interest with its health care products. Gaysan patient beds look similar to single part home beds, all functional parts such as mechanism, motor, cables, etc. were hidden ant they are easy to transport.

The product has different stages to facilitate circulation of blood, thus makes it more practical for patients while having food, watching TV or reading book. Gaysan also produces all mechanisms used in the bed and it provides full ergonomics and healthier sleep by having visco material as a choice.

Reducing the aches at back, belly and neck, the patient beds can be used as normal beds following the healing period. By providing comfort and ability to move freely, Gaysan beds speeds the healing process. Adjustable to the needs of the patients, beds can be reverse inclined to facilitate the blood circulation from legs to hearth and brain.