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Two brands win Global Organic Latex Standards certification

Organic Mattress, Inc. (OMI) and Naturepedic, two of the leaders in the manufacture of sustainable mattresses, have received the Global Organic Latex Standards (GOLS) , a recognition bestowed to companies producing latexmattress with utmost quality from its manufacturing stages to distribution. The ” Global Organic Latex Standard “, GOLS in short, is the newly introduced standard for sustainable processingmethods of latex products from organicraw materials.

This mainly addresses the standards which need to be maintained with relevance to processing, manufacturing, packing, labeling, trading and distribution of latex products. Inaddition to the use of organic raw material, this standard also concentrates on aspects such as human health, safety and welfare, and environment in the manufacturing process of latex products.

Organic Mattresses Incorporated of Yuba City, California was the first to be certified followed by Safe For Home dba Naturepedic of Chagrin Falls, Ohio. To date these two companies are the first and the only companies to have achieved certification of the standard in the United States. Both companies have a habit to attach utmost importance on organic products. Both OMI and Naturepedic are also members of the Specialty Sleep Association (SSA), which promotes and requires good and sustainable sleep initiatives and transparency among its members.

The certification asserts that products from these two mattress-manufacturing companies are culled following a sustainable process and using organic materials. The certifying company keeps tracks of this regularly and makes sure that the manufacturing, packaging and labeling of the items are up to standards.

Mattress companies who wish to be certified has to submit their application for this, and as OMI was the first oneto actually do so, receiving the very first certification.

Dale Read, President, SSA, stated: “The Specialty Sleep Association (SSA)is very pleased that two of our membersOMI and Naturepedic have sought and received the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) certification for theirlatex mattresses. The SSA has promoted”truth in ‘green’ marketing”,transparency, consumer education, andconsumer disclosure labels for the pastfour years, and we are extremely pleased that two pioneers in theorganic mattress industry have nowreceived the GOLS certifications for their “organic” latex mattresses. Theywill be showing these mattresses with GOLS certifications at the Las Vegasmarket, which simply raises the bar forthe whole industry in the realm of the marketing of certified organic sleepproducts.”

The Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) covers the processing, manufacturing, packing, labeling, trading and distribution of latex products made according to sustainable processing methods sourced from organic raw material.

GOLS addresses human health, safetyand welfare and environmental considerations in the manufacturing process of latex products. Natural latex for organic production must be of organic origin Any other fiber or any other agricultural ingredient is used, it must be of organic origin.

Any textiles materials used in the semifinal or final products should becertified as per GOTS standards or certified as per OE 100. GOLS is based on a tracking and tracing principle used for certified products and social principles are applicable in every part of the certified chain, which starts at the rubber plantations where the sap is collected.

The standard may apply to companies that trade and/or produce an end product or half (finished) product containing latex. The range of products to be certified is inspired by, but not limited to textiles. All manufacturers and importers seeking to make a claim must be certified.