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Gercek Plastics Company a leader in mattress air capsules

Initiated the plastics business in 1980, Gercek Plastics Company is a Kayseri-based company in Turkey.

It started with producing plastics parts for ovens, mini washing machines and churning machines, the thenmost needed items. It has the pride of setting up the first plastic injection machine in Kayseri in 1993 and making production with it. Two years later the company wide ned its product portfolio and gained a leading position in especially mattress air capsules, cases and plastic furniture accessories.

Officials of the company say that they got de sign registration documents and useful models of all products that they manufacture .“We set our quality targets according to customers’ demands. Thanks to our R&D department, all of our products go through a number of inspections for compliance important issues such as human health and durability of the products. Our being strict in these issues made us known in many countries. We now have a wide customer portfolio in many countriesnotably Saudi Arabia and Iran.

We supply parts and accessories to many leading manufacturers. To cite a few in the dome stic market we can proudly mention these respectful brands: Yatas, Konfor Mobilya, Idas, Sabah Yatak, Aydin Endustri,BRN Yatak, Cukurova Yatak, Monessa, Ergul Mobilya , Gundogdu Mobilya , Karas, Kelebek Mobilya , Ladin Mobilya , Tabba Mobilya , Yilmaz Sunger and Serhat Mobilya .”