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Turkish mattress and furniture manufacturers optimistic for IMOB 2013

According to a survey held by Sleep Weell with Istanbul Furniture Fair (IMOB) exhibitors, companies made an excellent start to IMOB 2013 and they have great expectations. The biggest and most common target is to increase exports…

With more than 350 exhibitors IMOB 2013 , 9th Istanbul Furniture Fair was successfully held and hosted the finest home furnishings, interior designs and furniture trends for 2013 at Istanbul Expo Center/CNR Expo, Turkey, 29 January – 02 February.

There were a great number of mattress and bedding producers at the fair as usual. To make an in-depth look at the sector, Sleep Well asked the exhibitors about the performance of the fair, their 2012 experiences and expectations from 2013. Many of the industrialists said they had a great year in 2012 and have positive views for the current year. You will find very important messages in the interviews. Let’s go through…

Our expectations for the bedding industry in 2013 are bigger. We predict that interest in healthier, comfortable, practical and value added products will grow more. We targeted to sell more of our floor panels, bed accessories and youth sets in 2013. In 2012 we grew by 40 % and we have the same target for 2013. We want to grow by having new distributors in abroad and new store openings.

In general, 2013 will be better than 2012 in our markets. Bed has a generic demand. Product life of beds in Turkey is becoming shorter, while awareness of the importance of it is rising. One third of our lives are spent in bed. It is important for health, especially for children. Research and development activities are also rising in Turkey and leading the producers to better products.

We equipped our facility with the latest technology. We develop new models, new methods and establish special corner stores that sell only our products to increase our marketshare. We participate in IMOB fairevery year. We will be in Colognefurniture fair because we are highly interested in European markets. Our products are exhibited in many shopping centers in Europe.

We have invested for bed markets for 2013, and we expect better results this year. We want to double our sales.We participate in IMOB fair and another regional one in Izmir. We will be at some fairs in Africa, as well.

We have larger product categories than other firms in the fair. We are producing mattresses, chairs,bedsteads and other project works. What can I say about IMOB is this that the Turkish furniture industry fairs are well in the world. Even the fair is good. There are lots of foreign buyers here. Our target for 2013 is to expand our bedstead market and produce more functional bedsteads in the market.

We participate in IMOB domestically and we will be in Kayseri fair at the end of February. We may even go to the fair in Libya and the one in Northern Iraq.

2013 will be better than 2012. We expect that economy and exports will expand more. We observe a tendency that bigger sleep and bedding companies are opening their own stores. We forecast more store openings in 2013. As Dr. Otto company we participate in the fair again. In our first participation last year, we could not get what we expected, however, this time we have hopes. We have new and repeat contacts. In 2013 we will also participate in Kayseri fair. We will not be at any fair abroad this year.

Last year was very profitable for us. Our sales increased by double digits.We also realized some innovations by using new technologies and new materials. The innovations in fabrics, springs and stuffing materials will continue. Our major target for the year is 20 to 25% more sales and earnings. We have got the license of “sleep to live” and we want to push it forward by opening new stores from 70 to 100. We are moving towards technological and functional textiles in our mattresses. We have a product that contains bio-crystal and mineral fibers that were produced by CCIM patent by utilizing 16 different mineral and crystal powders. They are health supporting, reducing tensions, increasing immune power, and increasing the quality of sleep. In 2013, we will utilize 3D spacer technology, a perfect tension distribution system that was made of breathing fabrics. With monofilament structure, these products have better ventilation and
more resistant to moisture thereby becoming more sterile against bacteria. This system will be matured in a period of 5 to 10 years in the future. We want to be the leader in this field. We also try to develop better looking mattresses.

We started our fair programs with this IMOB. We may participate in Evteks fair in Istanbul, and a fair in China in abroad.

2012 was rather static in both domestic and European markets. We overcame this by moving into Arab and Middle East markets. Last year we renovated our 140 sleep centers through out Turkey, where our products are sold and information about sleeping is offered to customers. This year we will complete the renovation works of our centers and  try to sell more in Europe. We will open 10 to 12 new sleep centers in Germany, which will be followed by similar activities in France, Belgium, Holland and Russia. We may even be present at Azerbaijan, Africa and the Middle East. We participated in IMM Cologne fair at the beginning of 2013. Each year we had participated in HIM textile fair, however this year we omitted it for the next edition. We will also be in the fairs in Saudi Arabia, Iraq-Erbil. Our local distributors are also active in many fairs.

Our firm, established in 2000 and moved in the factory in Torbali, Yazicibasi where seating groups, armchairs, beds, bases and coaches are produced, employs 430 people including regional supervisors working home office to attend customers in Istanbul, Antalya, Ankara and Eastern provinces.

Our expectations as bed industry in Turkey are great. It is a great market. We want to get our share in this and European markets. We prepared a special line named “sleep globe” for the year 2013, improved our products and developed 23 new models. All of them are made of quality fabrics, first class sponges and springs. We have variety of products such as washable, waterproof, double sided, made of natural materials, bamboo tree, aloe vera essence, olive oil, antistatic, wool and cotton, etc. IMOB Istanbul fair is important for us. We also participate in the fair in Izmir, Iraq and Libya. We visit fairs in Europe as well.

Evger was established in 1984 and now operates in organized industrial zone at two factories that have 10.5 thousand sqm area. Employing 100 people our company serves as a metal furniture manufacturer. We supply semiproducts to major companies in the industry. We also export our products. Following this fair, we start to produce for the end users. Our biggest target is to increase our exports. We aim other markets such as the USA, and other countries in Europe and North Africa. We may participate in Kayseri fair in Turkey and the fair in Libya.

Kilim, a family business of four brothers, was established in 1970 as a small workshop. Presently, we have a production facility of 650 thousand sqm. 120 thousands of it is covered.

We have been in the bed industry since 2000, and invested great amount in 2011. There is a large demand gap in the market. We aimed to close the gap with new investments. We have a contract with a world famous mattress production machinery producer. We will be more active in the market this year. Presently we export to 35 countries, heavily in the Middle East region. We also try to develop our relations with customers in our neighboring countries. We have franchise distribution in abroad. Recently we opened stores in Paris and Brussels. Besides we are the largest supplier in Greece market.

We participated in IMOB for the 9th time. It continuously raises its reputation by addressing both domestic and international buyers. Since we are one of the major companies in Kayseri, we also participate in this fair. We will also be in Milano fair and the fair held in China. We participate in the fairs in Egypt, Syria and Iran.

We started in the bed industry with a slogan of “the best sleep in Turkey”. Every year we made an innovation in the industry. Bio-magic was the first. In 2012 we developed energy series, including ultra energy, sleep well energy. We have been highly successful and increased our income remarkably. This year we introduce Ametis-therapy technology and related products in March. We keep developing new products, because the market is highly dynamic.

Consumers give premium to functionality and quality and becoming more demanding. The importance of bed and mattresses has been appreciated even more by the consumers. We try to satisfy them. Ametis-therapy technology depends on ametis stone that is used in rings and necklaces. It emits positive energy, increases sleep quality. The stone particles are embedded in fabrics for better sleeps. Covers of mattresses are removable and washable to prevent the proliferation of bacteria. These are also made as double sided, soft and hard to meet special needs. Shoft-touch kind of springs and latex sponge are used in these products.

We participate in limited number of fairs except this IMOB fair. Our products are sold in every point in the country. We participate in this and Kayseri fair to meet our consumers in addition to fairs in Italy and other countries.

Last year we tried to increase our exports and expand our product portfolio. Now we introduce our new products and our new image. One of them is named plume, which is demanded heavily by foreign buyers to meet the need for storage and bedding. Another one is coach group named Boxspring.

Our expectation for 2013 is to increase our exports by 30 to 40 percent. We have plans for this. We keep our position in domestic market. There are serious competitive actions and product problems in the market. This is our first presence in IMOB. We consider participating in Libyan fair and the one in Iran.

We are a family business of forty years. We produce bed bases and bedsteads. We export to Russia, Bulgaria, Greece, France, Belgium, Palestine, Egypt and Libya. We do business with our established customer network in addition to hotels, hospitals and hostels directly.

In 2013 we expect to increase our export volume. We have been participating in IMOB fair for four years.

Alfemo is rather a young and dynamic brand established in 1997. We launched our new concept in 2012 and redesigned product lines, store facades, accessories, and store ambient, including Alfemo cafes. Changes are made both in domestic stores and the ones in foreign markets.

Our sales are increased 10 percent in 2012. We got three different awards for our three products in IMOB 2013 fair. This year we emphasize on expanding our distribution network and we will spend TRL72 million to establish 100 additional distributorships. Alfemo establishes shops in shop stores named as sleep centers of about 250 to 350 sqm. In sleeper sections bases, bedsteads, linens and other materials are sold. As Alfemo, we started a premium segment with our nano-tech fabric applications five years ago. We add other kinds of product including the bamboo, nano-bite, visco type and others. We keep developing better products to serve best the sleeping needs of people.

We have major distributors in neighboring geography and European countries. Stores of our distributors are the same as in the ones in Anatolia. Every store that sells Alfemo products in Azerbaijan, Denmark, Egypt and others are decorated by the same theme and design. In 2013 we participate in IMOB and Izmir fairs, besides the fairs in Italy, Russia and China. We are all there where we have to be present.

Our firm is one of the major and powerful brands in non-spring mattress category. We import our goods from Italy. This year we established regional representative for domestic distribution. Besides, we employ 40 to 45 sales people active in the regions. We are also opening sleep centers especially in bigger cities like Istanbul and Ankara. We will increase their numbers.

We have also some distributors in abroad. We export to 33 countries in four continents including Russia, Turkic Republics, North Africa and Middle East. We do not participate in the fairs abroad. We focused on our present customers. IMOB is important for us. However, we may visit the fair in Milan, Italy.

We have been active in the furniture industry for forty years, eleven years of it as producer. We produce beds, bases, bedsteads, coaches and functional furniture sets. Our products are sold at more than hundred points in Turkey, and we export our products to seven countries. Headquartered in Konya, our company will soon have its own sleep world stores throughout the country. We cover the market with both our own stores and with our distributor companies. Our products are exported to Middle East, African and Arab countries. We try to increase both the number of export destinations and sales volumes.

We are optimistic for 2013. We want to improve our brands and increase the numbers of corner stores and export activities. We will develop new models and designs to take the lead in the sector. We do not participate in any other fair besides IMOB this year.

We have been in the sector for a decade. We focused on the production of bases, and started to design and produce patented models suitable for exhibitions. With the information we got from this fair event, we increased our expectations for the year 2013. We met with new customers and expanded our network. Our exports go to Austria, Bosnia, Kosovo and Iraq. We have contacts with German and British buyers. We participated in IMOB for six times. Other fairs in Turkey were not as fruitful as this one. We may participate in a fair in Germany, Libya or Iraq. We will be in Azerbaijan fair, too.

Our company is only one year old, however, I personally have been in bedding business since year 2000. We represent a major company in Turkey and in Middle Eastern countries. Now we brought Artilart brand in Turkey. This year seems to be fruitful for latex based products. Latex is a healthy material obtained from natural rubber trees. The fair was efficient for us. Fairs of this kind have many potentials and opportunities for us and similar other companies.  I may participate in Iran fair to enter the Middle East markets. Artilet brand is already participating in other fairs in Europe.

ARTILAT, Claude De Witte, International Account Executive: My name is Claude. I’m area sales manager for Artilat for 6 years and one of my responsibilities is Turkish market. I have been a few times before IMOB.

I was always surprised about the very dynamic atmosphere in the Turkish market. A lot of visitors and many factors led me to begin with the idea to start. There are many players on this market. Lastly, this IMOB is very good. After meeting our partners here we saw the potential in the Turkish market for latex. We can supply to the Turkish market a full range of products. We started with basic latex product for the first introduction into the market. After that, we use sophisticated products for the more advanced users in the future or now. We will offer some applications and some products for the Turkish market like %100 organic latex.

ARTILAT, Pierre Buyze, Managing Directing: My name is Pierre. I am the managing director of Artilat which is the second biggest producer of latex foam in the world. So, we have a plant in Antwerp and one in Czech Republic for central Europe and South Europe, close to Antwerp. So, we are able to export around the globe which we are already doing. Our product is rather high-end. So, we really don’t have limit on distance. I think IMOB fair is very interesting. Because we think that Turkey is an emerging market and Turkey is also well located. Because they have a lot of neighbors which are also emerging markets like the southern part of the former USSR like Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan… Then, there is Iran of course. Which one day will open and which could be a very interesting market. There are Iraq and Syria. So there is not only Turkey as an emerging market but whole region is very interesting for our business. As I said, one day this market will open and huge opportunity to be there first. That’s also why we are here in IMOB. We are not only here for Turkey, but for the whole region. People don’t know the product yet. A lot of people are coming to IMOB because it is the biggest fair in the region. For us, it’s more like being here to do marketing, to show our product rather than to sell our products. Selling the products will be in the second stage. Today we are here to show the product, to explain the people what latex is, what the benefits of latex are.  As I said, latex has to be explored. Other countries’ people know latex. And since there are always waves in technology…

In the past, in the other countries latex was very dominant, then the visco came. And now the visco is over the top and it’s going down again. In other countries latex is coming back in the game together with pocket springs. Turkey is like double stream economy. You have a few big companies which are working international. So, what I wanted to say is this; it’s like Istanbul and the rest of Turkey. That’s the way the market is. You have 3 or 4 big players which will buy full containers directly from Artilat and then you have a bunch of small companies around Turkey which you have to supply via distribution. There is a big international fair which is called Interzum. It covers all the suppliers for the furniture industry. After that there is Interzum China. In 2014 there is ISPA which we will also attend.

We produce beds, coaches, furniture and home textile products. Our company is 30 years old and employs about 120 to 130 people. We export 60 to 65 percent of our production. We want to increase these figures by 80 to 85 percent by the year 2014. We emphasize on the foreign markets rather than domestic sales.

We forecast a recession during the first quarter, however it may be better for the rest of the year. The number of visitors and 80 percent share of foreigners in the IMOB fair signal this data.

Our position in foreign markets is improving year after year. Following the crisis in Europe in 2006-2007 we turned our attention to Middle Eastern countries. We have investments in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Libya, Algeria, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Tunis, and some other African countries. Some of our stores in abroad have Andac brand. We planned to cover all our stores with our brand by 2015. In 2013 we only have participated in IMOB.

We started to produce crated bases in 1998 and then moved into production of mattresses. Recently we have been producing modular furniture and sell them in the country and abroad. Presently, we have 18 different models of beds in our product portfolio. We try to develop them conceptually and categorically. We follow the trends and the needs and preferences of customers. We are expecting a better year in 2013 for our company.

We started our business by selling sponges in 1979 and shifted to the manufacturing of mattresses in 1982. We are among the top ten companies in Turkey in terms of production capacity. We do contract works for hotel projects in the country and abroad while we sell our products through 850 distributors in Turkey. Soon we will open a showroom in Ikitelli, Istanbul.

We started the current year very well. The most fruitful month of the last three decades, thanks to the recent contacts in export markets. We will see the results of the impact of this IMOB fair. We will only be present at Ankara furniture fair this year. We consider taking part in Dubai fair.

Presently Monessa is rather a small brand in the sector. We want to grow under right conditions with right identity. We have bright ideas for the future. Now we deliver our goods to 24 countries. By establishing new contacts we want to enter new markets.

Despite the opposite views, we think that our company will fare better in 2013 both in Turkey and in abroad. Ours position in Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe is improving well. We are active with our own brand in France, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Holland, Sweden and Hungary. We participate in IMOB and Kayseri fairs in Turkey. Will be present in Dubai fair, as well.

Established in 1990 our firm produces modular beds, bases, coaches and armchairs. By moving in our new factory in Silivri, Istanbul, we increased our production capacity. We sell our products in 16 countries; among them are Arab countries, Germany, Holland, England. We have about 300 customers in Turkey. Thanks to the new machinery at our factory we produce better products. We are hopeful for the year 2013. IMOB was very helpful for us. We do not consider participating in other fairs in Turkey. However, we will be at the fair in China.

We are in the furniture business since 1980. Since 1993, we have been producing coaches, furniture and armchairs. As Boldera, we have been producing mattresses for five years. We have a daily capacity of 120 to 130 mattresses. We export to Europe and Middle East markets. Annual exports are about 4 million dollars. 2012 was the year of investment for our company. This year we expect more, in line with IMOB fair activity. We have good orders from abroad; we may sell 20 percent more this year. Besides IMOB we will participate in Kayseri fair.

We do not sell only mattresses but we also sell comfort and health. We serve our customers who care for themselves and their health. We provide service to boats and yachts. Collaborating with architects and designers, we furnish boats with sleeping facilities. Targeting to the niche and A and Aplus segments, we do not compete directly with other companies. Our customers also care for natural living. Our products are exported to Baku, Azerbaijan, England and Switzerland. We mostly export baby sleep sets to these countries. We think that we are the best in Turkey and the third in the world.

We offer distributorships to our customers. This year we aim to increase our brand awareness and number of distributors. As for the fairs, we behave selectively, thus we will only participate in the fairs in Dubai and Germany.

Ural Medical, established in 1996, is the first company producing visco mattresses in Turkey. The first visco mattress was produced in the world in 1992. Four years after, our company brought the new product to Turkey. The company grew by exporting and by supplying other brands and in 2007 the company started to build its own brand by establishing distributorships. Presently 120 distributors at more than 300 selling points sell our products.

An elastic material, visco was first developed by NASA and it was commercialized in the 80’s. Following the Americans and Sweden, our company started to produce visco beds especially for the health industry. By getting formed as body form, visco mattresses distribute tensions evenly and reduce the pressure and provide better and healthier sleeps.

In 2013 the number of our distributors will rise to 170. With the additional selling points the awareness of visco mattresses will also be increased. We believe the importance of word of mouth communication. We trust our products. Each year we participate in HIM Textile fair in Germany, this year it was good. Following this we took part in IMOB. Fairs are important for establishing expanded network and exhibit our goods to endusers. Next we will participate in Evteks, where other mattress producers do not prefer to be. It will be a great opportunity for us to meet our foreign buyers. In March we will participate in the fair at Kazakhstan, a new market for us.