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Namli Textile , younger staff and quality product

Birkan Karapinar, owner of Namli Textile company says, “We are happy to be a company which have every facilities and staffed by younger managers having higher ability to develop new products.”

Started in 2002 by producing fabrics for the mattress industry, Namli Textile offers variety and compatible prices now and has become a successful company active in both domestic and foreign markets. Birkan and Gurkan Karapinar brothers answered our questions on their company and the sector.

Who is Namli Textile ?
We have been in the industry since 2002 with our high caliber of younger personnel most of whom graduated and acquired necessary expertise and able to develop new businesses. We especially focused in the production of weaved and knitted kind of fabrics mostly demanded by bed manufacturers. Our fabrics are made of both natural fibers and other kind of materials.

What are your sources of inputs? Do you import them?
We buy them both from domestic and foreign suppliers. Our research and development team develop better fabrics for the needs of bed manufacturers who try to make their products safer and more comfortable and even greener.

What are your export markets?
We follow advices of our young staff who speak foreign languages and our experiences in the markets. We export our goods to Russia, other independent states in Asia, Europe, and Middle East and in Balkans.