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The best sleep for the most beautiful dreams



* HKM Comfort experienced a successful fair activity in Furniture Istanbul by exhibiting two new products


Produced by the years of expertness in a factory that is equipped with latest technology, HKM products attract interest of buyers. Emphasizing on design and rich options in mattress and base production, Hulusi Dursun, industrial engineer, informed about his company.

What are the products of your company that were demanded most in 2017?

We had 6 different products that were launched in the market on January 2017 and all of them attracted great interest. We revised some of the products that we displayed in the fair and added two new. One of them is rustic product that is made of coco tree fibers and latex. It contains no foam and is covered by fiber and wool mix stuffed quilts. The other one has a removable pad and can be used on both sides. There are micro springs in the pad. It is both visually attractive and comfortable. It goes well in the fair.

What were your targets at the beginning of 2017?

We targeted to A class customers, and we were successful. We also have targeted to get new customers from abroad. We have now enough of them. We also tried to offer affordable product varieties in terms of both their costs and availability. We informed our customers about how they can decide on the best mattress for their needs. We held some educational programs. In 2018 we keep our educational activities and efforts to deliver the right products to right people. It was a successful year.

How many countries are your export markets? How are your relations with Russian market?

We have no activity yet in Russian market. This year we first entered in Ukrainian market. This year we may reach to suppliers and wholesalers in Russia. In general, Russia is a market that sells what she produces. They demand the goods should be directly delivered from sellers’ warehouses.


Did you decide on a special theme for the year 2018?

Not yet, but we are keen on offering natural, lean and naïve products to the markets. We also are aware of the fact that one theme could not address to all folk’s of life. Each customer asks us what is the best mattress? We have more than one best mattress each may suit to certain customer. A company should have at least four best mattresses to be successful in the market. We try to produce simple designs though we have several glamorous varieties.


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