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Quality sleep clears off stress with Ionic Energy

When the subject is quality, comfort and new technology in mattresses Yataş comes first to the mind with its Ionic Energy developed with Oxyon™ technology which offers a comfortable and quality sleep experience.

As the first pocket spring mattress which is made of Woolmark brand natural wood by Yataş Ionic Energy mattress breathes more thanks to the natural wool and relaxes the heart beatings and balances the body temperature.

Yataş, the innovative brand of Turkey, offers a comfortable sleep free from hazardous effects of stress with Ionic Energy Mattress. Ionic Energy Mattress provides a quality sleep by relaxing the mind and decreasing the tiredness by negative ions due to Oxyon™ fabric technology in its fabric. Besides, it helps to regulate blood pressure and heartbeat, to breathe much better and to accelerate the juvenescence, too.

The ideal sleep temperature year round

Ionic Energy mattress which has the future of being the first pocket spring mattress made from Woolmark brand natural wool provides an ideal sleep warmth throughout all for seasons true the natural wool layer it has. The natural wool layer helps the mattress breathe more, relaxes the heartbeats and balances the body temperature.  Besides, it annihilates reversing the requirement of the mattress by offering warm surface in winters and cold surface in summers. The partners are not influenced from the movements of each other so that the interruption sleep problem is removed by its self functioning spring system.

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