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Nobatex targeting new markets

Baykal Gogen, the owner of Nobatex explained that they were targeting new markets.

Nobatex, manufacturing in their production facilities in Gemlik Free Zone since early 2000s, is an exportoriented company. It is reported that the core business of Nobatex is to manufacture duvet cover and is among a few big companies in Turkey. The company, having an international experience in the sleep comfort field, is said to have a target of opening to new markets and supply for new bed manufacturers. Baykal Gogen, the owner of the company says that he thinks the market will grow.

EU Standard Production
It is reported that Nobatex can provide any kind of raw material in accordance with the customer needs.  Also, it is underlined that the company can process these raw materials and make them much more valuable and when needed, as an addition to the customers’ requirements, the company offers help with its own designs all the time. It is emphasized that the company’s production was in accordance with the standards and the customer audience of the company was mainly from Europe and Asia. “Our activities are focused on bed products and their design and production. In this field we are operating as raw fabric supplier, raw fabric handler and finished product supplier,” explained Gogen concerning the production.

Different Market Conditions Gogen explains the reason for the partnerships, which in fact looks promising at first, to be partly unsuccessful both in West and in East markets as the different trade applications and market conditions. Gogen sent a message to the potential partners abroad: “We are reaching out and offering you the opportunity of manufacturing or marketing your products and our innovative design in Turkey. Our references can tell you that we are a company which has already achieved in many projects. Being open provides optimal solution in both cultures.”

It is a type of bedroom which has spread the world from Japan. It is steady, it appeals to everyone’s eye pleasure, and lots o people enjoy using it in the USA and Europe. It is a solution that young people could never give up and insistently look for because of its plain appearance, steady structure, and affordable prices. Thanks to the Lattenrost system, it offers healthy and a very comfortable sleep.

This system, which can be manufactured from pressed and special formed laths and in any size, has countless specifications.

Here are some of them…

Thanks to the hardness adjusting mechanism you can adjust the hardness or softness of your neck and waist parts of the bed. You can lift your bed’s head and foot part higher or lower according to your likes. Your bed gains 2 or 3 times more elasticity. Thanks to its structure it allows air low for 24 hours so that it prevents mites providing a healthy sleep. Because it can move, your bed’s life lasts longer. In motorized models you can give the bed any form you like with the help of remote controller, from five different points. The products are under the warranty of Turkish agencies.