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Felteks to expand production more than double

Investment in 2013 will give Felteks 3 new felt lines with low energy consumption and enable to extend its product range.

Kayseri, Turkey – Felteks has decided to increase its production capacity by double of its current capacity. Accordingly, the company is planning to put the first line in January 2013 in circuit. The second line will become operational in April 2013. In May 2013 the last line is to be set in.

Consequently, the production capacity will be accreted by more than 100% by the beginning of June.

“We are pleased that the construction for this important project began and can be completed within the next two quarters as planned,” said Mustafa CETINBULUT, member of the board. “With the completion of this investment, we will be looming large in the mattress and furniture industry as a supplier – not only regionally but also worldwide,” he continued. “This is part of our longterm investment strategy.”

Beyond debate, Felteks is the most rapidly enlarging company in this sector considering the last five years. “With the new capacity, we are happy to announce that we can provide better service to our existing customers in more than 30 countries and focus on exploring new markets overseas,” he explained. Generally speaking, Felteks has an efficient year behind. 99% of Felteks costumers are satisfied with their supplier. The aim is to offer the best quality for the right price. As a result of this, Felteks is acting more as a partner than a supplier. With the increasing customer satisfaction and trust in more than 30 countries, Felteks is forced to expand its production capacity. Also, planned new products could not be launched in 2012 due to busy production, but are intended to introduce to the market in 2013. In consequence of its 5 year experience, Felteks has put its expert knowledge in the design of its new lines, which allows high efficiency in production and increase of the product range.

“Our new lines are more sophisticated, environmentally friendly and safe. We can confirm that our environment and the safety of our employees are of great importance for our company. We also concentrate on the ISO 18001 and ISO 14001 standards.”

“We will do our part for our country’s vision 2023 regarding exports,” Cetinbulut said and concluded: “From 2013 we would like to increase our export sales to 75% of total production. As a result of this, we are trying to balance our import-export-deficit caused by Raw Material Import for our PU-Foam- Production. In this way, we are supporting our country to close the foreign trade deficit in micro-scale.

In summary, it can be said that the management as well as the employees are seeking for the best and are optimistic about the company’s and country’s future. May the year 2013 bring peace, happiness, and abundant good health to you and your loved ones!”