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Speed, quality and satisfaction intersects at BKB

BKB Furniture Co., Ltd. is located in the city of Kayseri which enjoys the reputation for the furniture in Turkey. 

The company specializes in the production of modular soft beds, mattress bases with storage box and hotel mattress bases with a variety of fabric and leather options characterized by novel style and exquisite workmanship, winning an increasing appreciation from its consumers. Relentless pursuit for perfection, progressive development, innovation, focusing on quality and promotion of trustworthiness are always BKB’s everadhering commitment.

The production mode of BKB, combining handicraft with modern techniques, has been a great innovation in product design by BKB. “We attach importance to every detail in the process of product design, material, sewing, processing, design finalization, and packing. We have a unique and precise craftsmanship line, ensuring each and every piece of product to meet our clients’ demand and the needs from the highly competitive market,” says an official of BKB Furniture.

“All furnishing operations are made on a conveyor line at BKB which makes us one of the fastest producers in the market. Daily capacity of mattress base line can reach up to 500 pieces per day (Regular mattress base with box). Modular products are easier to transport than assembled products. They may be transported in larger quantities in a single journey which allows foreign buyers to minimize the transportation costs per unit up to two times and more. A modular soft bed has a 3 flat packs; one for bedhead, second one contains the main frames and the third pack contains the metal frame and surface boards. Flat-pack furniture takes up less space. The regular shapes of packaging allow more products to be stacked. Customers moving home may easily disassemble and transport their furniture.

BKB Nonwovens work has been operating since 2009 in Kayseri, TURKEY.

BKB Felt and Wadding facility provides nonwoven filling materials which can be classified as ‘Hard felt, Thermo Felt, Wool Wadding and Cotton Wadding’ to manufacturers in order to be used in mattresses and sofas. BKB Nonwovens products are manufactured from a broad range of natural, synthetic and recycled materials to meet specific customer requirements. Bedding products are submitted to rigorous testing for, resiliency and durability.

Using state of the art airlay and thermobonding technology, BKB utilizes virgin, regenerated and recycled materials to produce unique products meeting a variety of customer requirements. BKB’s product capabilities include products ranging from 650gr/m2 to over 1500gr/m2, with thicknesses varying from 5 millimeters to over 250 millimeters. Product widths can be accommodated up to 2.2 meters. Our supply capacity is 520 tons for felt, 20 tons of cotton wadding and 20 tons for wool wadding per month. All BKB Nonwoven products are formaldehyde free and environmentally friendly. Also wool wadding and cotton wadding products formed of %100 natural materials.

Advantages of felt usage;
* Felt can be highly absorbent
* Felt is an excellent sound insulator.
* Felt has superb vibration damping qualities.
* Felt has superior thermal insulating properties

Felt can be just about anything you need it to be .Let our experts help you find the felt that’s right for your project.