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New Serta Mattress Survey shows the bedroom is for more than just sleeping

Nearly 70 percent of Americans are turning to the bedroom for a quiet and comfortable place to do work-related and personal activities other than sleep, according to a recent CARAVAN telephone omnibus survey sponsored by Serta Mattress.

Highlights from this survey include findings that 1 in 3 American adults surf the web or check emails from bed, and that 60% of parents are watching television together in bed. Plus, the survey shows that younger Americans (18-35 years old) are more likely to make phone calls, work and watch television in bed when compared to all survey respondents.

With more Americans turning to their beds versus their home offices and living room sofas, Serta is encouraging shoppers to try out an adjustable mattress set. Serta’s Motion Essentials adjustable base allows the head and foot of the mattress to be elevated so any individual can find the optimal level of comfort of support whether they are using a laptop or tablet, watching television or simply relaxing in bed. For those looking for an adjustable base with even more customization options, Serta now offers the Motion Custom™ adjustable base with its new iComfort® Directions™ gel memory foam mattresses. This is Serta’s most advanced adjustable base available today, featuring a wireless remote with a variety of pre-set positions, six massage levels, USB ports to charge electronic devices and Bluetooth™ connectivity which allows the base to be synced to smart devices.

“With the bedroom becoming a popular spot for work and relaxation at home, more people are turning to adjustable mattresses to provide the comfort and support they need,” says Andrew Gross, senior vice president of marketing for Serta. “Anyone in the market for a mattress right now should try a Serta adjustable set in person, so they can experience it for themselves.”