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Isbir acclimatized mattresses for all seasons

Hot days ahead, acclimatized beds of Isbir are ideal and guarantee a comfortable sleep for consumers thanks to technologic developments.

A special pad for bed, the product can be ordered for singles and doubles. It increases sleep comfort. In doubles, either side can be differentiated to the heat preferences of spouses, thus they can control their own comfort.

Product is made by thin tubular that contain water to transfer heat in the pad. The pump is highly quite and both do not disturb the person in sleep. The pad can be heated up to 40 degree Celsius and cooled by 5 degree with its special control button. When compared with acclimatized environments this method is regarded healthier and more economic solution. Circulation of water also reduces the static electric shocks. Product consumes 80-watt electric energy in average and saved the owner to cool down or heat up the whole room. The pad can be cleaned as normal laundry in washing machines.