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ISPA releases 2012 mattress industry report

The International Sleep Products Association (ISPA) has released its annual Mattress Industry Report for 2012. This edition covers data on mattress sales and trends in the US and International markets.

Many industry insiders benefit from this report because it provides comprehensive current and long-term data on the U.S. mattress industry. It also includes data on import and export, the most recent years’ breakout products in specialty bedding, data on the top influencers, some industry issues, sales breakdown per region and other pertinent matters to those working in mattress sales and manufacturing. The report also speaks of a rise in both shipments and whole sale value for mattresses, as the US mattress industry posted a growth of $6.8 Billion. The 2012 report shows that the U.S. mattress industry continues to recover from the recession.

Shipments rose in 2012 to nearly 35.5 million units and wholesale revenues grew to over $6.8 billion, reflecting increases over 2011 levels of 3.6% and 8.7%, respectively. To help put these figures into perspective, the report separately displays data for innerspring and non-innerspring mattresses and foundations, and includes unit, wholesale revenue and average unit price data for the last 20 years. The report also contains information on U.S. mattress sales by region, contract sales, product size data, as well as price point trends, import/export figures and general econometric data that influence mattress sales. In addition to U.S. market data, the report includes global mattress industry information prepared by the Centre of Industrial Studies (CSIL), and provides timely commentary by industry veterans Jerry Epperson and Bill Creekmuir.

“Beyond the mattress manufacturers and component suppliers that belong to ISPA, our statistical products are also relevant to mattress retailers,” noted ISPA President Ryan Trainer. “The 2012 Mattress Industry Report of Sales and Trends contains current and historical information that retailers can use as they manage their businesses and respond to industry trends.”