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MOSDER Discloses Furniture Trends for Fall and Winter

Soothing tones for bedrooms.

The association of furniture industrialists, MOSDER, informed about the furniture trend for bedrooms for the autumn and winter seasons. The trend emphasizes on warmer colors in furniture concepts, and white that is the symbol of freshness is indispensable. When back home from work people seek a stress free ambient that was designed and decorated accordingly. Concepts that were developed for the winter reflect the mood and need of the people. Living spaces and bedrooms are used most in winter by the family members. As it was last year, warmer colors in bedrooms are prevailing this year as well. Besides, brown color and tones of it seemed indispensable in furniture choices. It is expected that wooden beds and bed steads will be seen frequently in 2017 in bedrooms. The other soothing color white is another important element for bedroom decorations. This color that bring light and spaciousness to indoors will be a powerful trend this year.yatak2

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