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From The Hectic City Life İnto a Perfect Sleep…

Produced from natural materials Sidyma Mattress offers maximum comfort for a quality sleep for the best rejuvenation

Heart of the comfort after a stressful day in city; bedrooms, where we find peace and resilience, where we end the day and start a new one. When we’re finally home after hectic city life, our bedrooms which takes us away from the rush of the day, have to be special in terms of design, color and lines, to welcome us in a bright morning. İder Mobilya lets you start a happy day with its comfortable Sidyma Bed Room

A natural and comfortable sleep

 Sidyma Bedroom is the definition of the harmony between white and walnut colors. It provides you with the comfort which you need for a perfect sleep. The bedroom is made of natural materials and what follows is a comfortable sleep and colorful dreams. Sidyma Bedroom is focus of attention with its functionality, creative solutions and storage options. It makes the best use of the bedroom area through well-planned designs of wardrobe, bedstead, two nightstands and a chiffonier. The light at the headboard of the bed in Sidyma Bedroom concept adds further elegance to your bedroom. İder Mobilya considers it a priority to design functional, handy and comfortable living spaces. With Sidyma, you can enjoy the comfortable sleep and sweet dreams, with accompanying elegance and simplicity in your bedroom.

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