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Technology enters your beds

Your distance to sleep shortens with the help of İstİkbal Comfort Sleep.

Insomnia, starting the day tired, muscle ache and nightmares come to an end. The Comfort Sleep bed series of Istikbal by the use of Magnarest fabric technology, the appearance of a magnetic area shortens your way to sleep. The mentioned fabric does not only increase the sleeping quality by a health and deep sleep, but also affects the body with a therapy and decreases muscle pain. The Comfort Sleep Bed series comes out with the feature whereas it also supports the Melatonin (sleep) hormone and decreases the Cortisol (stress) hormone. As being the ideal choice for the ones who prefer an energetic start of the day, the Comfort Sleep bed series also reminds us that the technology is supporting human health by Istikbal’s use of the Magnarest which spreads magnetic waves. A qualified sleep comfort is awaiting you with Istikbal’s 30 days unconditional customer satisfaction.

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