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Product Launch: The Laidback Pad, a New Era of Sleeping Pads That Make a Difference

The LaidBack Pad is a newly introduced memory foam camping pad that is revolutionizing the camping experience for people who like to sleep comfortably in adventurous places. LaidBack Inc. is also leading the sleeping pad industry with their give back program by providing camping pads to disadvantaged populations.


Camping is a great way to reset, and sleeping on the ground is grounding. Unfortunately, for many, sleeping on a paper-thin, uncomfortable, or self inflating camping pad makes the glorious experience of camping, not so appealing because of the fear of sleeping uncomfortably. So many people miss out on great times with friends and family, enjoying the fresh air, silence, camp fires and good, deep sleep that camping offers, because of painful memories associated with sleeping outside. Luckily, there is now a solution to remedy a sub-par night’s sleep while camping. The Laid Back Pad is a Portable Memory Foam Bedroll that has stepped up the experience of camping comfort by providing a camping pad that is as comfortable as a bed. The LaidBack Sleeping Pad is made of three different layers of proprietary foam, with a top layer of memory foam that molds to your body The layering of this memory foam mattress, is warmed by your body heat, and keeps you from bottoming out. The LaidBack Camping Pad is 24” inches wide, 6 feet long, and 2 3/8” thick. It is encased in a removable and washable case with a soft polar fleece top designed for a comfortable sleep. The sides and bottom of this camping bed are ultra durable and there is no risk of popping it, since it is not an inflatable sleeping pad. The easy strapping system of the LaidBack Pad allows it to be rolled up to 12”x24”, and it only weighs 8 pounds. It’ll pack away in a trunk or closet inconspicuously. A Little History Of The Laid Back Pad And How Laid Back Is Making A Difference. Founder of the LaidBack Pad, Daniel Kanow, always loved sleeping outside, but after enjoying years of, sometimes extreme, outdoor adventures he began to suffer from some challenging and chronic back pain. But… he wasn’t going to let that stop him from camping out around the world and enjoying outdoor adventures. While living in the mountains of Telluride, Colorado, Daniel sought a new standard for comfortable sleeping. And so, Siesta Rest Inc. and the LaidBack Pad were born. After 10 years of research and development, Daniel’s best sleeping pad to date is available to the public, and it’s known as the LaidBack Pad. The bomber, ultra comfortable, compact, washable, water resistant, totable memory foam sleeping pad to ensure a great sleep anywhere.


SiestaRest Inc. Is Committed to Giving Back

 Daniel has been donating LaidBack Pads to the water protectors of Standing Rock, to non-profit fundraisers, and to homeless shelters and disaster relief organizations as part of a Give Back program, and he’s committed to continuing the giving program. He believes that the LaidBack sleeping pad should be available to everyone, from the adventurous camper to those in need of a comfortable sleeping pad, to get a simple, good nights rest. Prepare to sleep well anywhere on the LaidBack Pad.2

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