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Ersan’s SmartRest Metal Mechanism Collection meets customers at Interzum


 The company will offer a new led technology SmartRest to prospective customers in Interzum Cologne fair.


In line with its target of permanent development Ersan continues to add new products to its metal bed mechanism systems. The new SmartRest collection that covers several new products all aimed to provide better sleep comfort including supporting mechanisms to help the rest of the body, led light mechanisms, remote controlled by smart phones, massaging mechanisms, will be launched first in Interzum.

General manager of the company Aynur Erman emphasized on the importance of these mechanisms that are expected to be preferred by both manufacturers and end users of mattresses besides other technologies that improves sleep comfort and living conditions of people. One of them is the mattress that has been equipped with a movement sensor that feels the awakening of people and a led light that automatically turn on. “This option is to be first introduced in Interzum,” said Erman who pointed out the people want to spend more time in bed and mattress comfort is becoming more important.


“Electric powered bed mechanisms are becoming trend fast.”

Aynur Erman said, “We have buyers in domestic market, however, we basically aimed export markets that accounts 95 % of our sales. With this aim, we will be in Interzum fair, an international platform, in May 16th and 19th.

We take mechanisms, semi-finished products and other metal products to the fair event and will exhibit our expertise in engine and electric powered bed mechanisms, the most up to date trend in the world. They are controlled by remote units to change the position of mattress.

Aynur Erman said, “We offer this product either in its semi-finished or finished forms.

These kind of mechanized beds are begun to be used by end users more and more lately, besides the use of them in hospital and patient care units. Because, people demand more comfort and time to spend on bed following a tiring day’s schedule. Some may watch TV while on bed, so we have a model that has TV screen emerging up at the foot side of the bed.”


Erman said, “Thanks to our new models, people may watch TV, have breakfast, or read books while on their bed. The adjustable new product can be set beforehand for special needs and favorite positions of the people, for more practicality and thus saves time. Other functions such as battery charging plug, massaging functions, position memory, remote control by phone and led lighting options are also added.


Onder Honi, adviser of Ersan Madeni, said that their company also developed other products in line with changing life styles of the consumers, including the USB plugs on their mattresses and bases with an aim to solve phone charging problems and remote control applications that can be downloaded either from Apple or Android markets.


Ersan introduces new product first in Interzum Cologne

Pointing out that the aging of population is known as one of the main causes of the rising interest towards powered mattresses in the world, Honi said, “When they reach to certain age, people have begin to feel difficulty to raise from bed. Thanks to the control unit of the new product, they can easily get upright. Average age of the population in especially Europe, America and Japan are raising up, and besides, most of the older people have more wealth to spend more for these kind of products. These are the reasons behind the growing demand for adjustable bed category. Ersan has been producing the most advanced models in the industry by engaging R&D studies.

America and Europe are our major export markets. Product choices in America and in Europe are somehow different. Americans prefer lighter, de-mounted, packed and transportable types. Europeans prefer softer and furniture-looking products.”


Pointing out that Ersan has been selling finished mattresses and bases as well as the adjustable mechanisms, Aynur Erman said, “We participated in 4 fairs in 6 months with our A&E Primus Betten brand which produces hand made and upper quality luxury mattresses. We participate in Interzum Cologne with Ersan Madeni products.”



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