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ChiliPad warming and cooling mattress pad now for children also

Chili Technology announces the safety of ChiliPad warming and cooling mattress pad for kids’ use

(EMAILWIRE.COM) Titusville, FL – According to, 40% of children at some point in their lives – have sleep problems that their parents’ deem significant or serious. Parents of these kids could use some help from ChiliPad warming and Cooling Mattress Pad. In the first two weeks of life, babies cannot distinguish between day and night. They do not have a concept of day and night in the womb. That is why pregnant mothers who are in their second or third trimester cannot sleep at night sometimes because their baby is “playing” or “doing some karate” inside. The most common sleep problem among infants and toddlers is sleeplessness. Based on the report from, it is recommended that babies be given consistent routines beginning the time that they are born. The difference between day and night must be established. To successfully overcome the problem with sleeplessness, WebMD recommends turning off all electronics during bed time, making sure the room is quiet and dark, and keeping the child’s temperature comfortable. ChiliPad Cube may be used to address those aforementioned concerns. This equipment works by having water flow through its soft in-bed coils to adjust the temperature of the bed; thus, putting the child’s core body temperature at a comfortable level as well. Its control unit is also relatively quieter than most air-conditioning units. In addition to this, it emits only a speck of light that should not affect the sleepiness of the child. Unlike other electric blankets, ChiliPads are reported never to emit electromagnetic fields that are reported to increase the risk of cancer, and cause migraines and headaches. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) noted that extremely low frequency (ELF) magnetic fields are “possibly carcinogenic to humans.” No electricity flows inside ChiliPad Cube cooling mattress pads. The electric activity happens inside the control unit or the cube, which can be placed as far as six feet away from the bed. The company guarantees its customers’ children’s safety against ELF magnetic fields. Midwest Health Solutions is an authorized seller of ChiliCube products that can be purchased through Amazon. Beth, and Stephanie Mastroianni, Executive Director of UBCF, wish to thank the supporters that make the UBCF Mattress Donation Giveaway possible. Stephanie points out that UBCF was recently approved to receive donations through Amazon Smile, eBay Giving and America Gives Back. “During the Holiday Season supporters can make a donation simply by selecting UBCF as their favorite charity. A percentage of each purchase goes directly to UBCF”. If you would like to make a tax deductible, year-end contribution towards UBCF’s mission, please visit Donors can also mail a donation to UBCF, 205 Depot Road, Huntington Station, NY 11746. UBCF is also an approved Charity through the Combined Federal Campaign Support (#77934). UBCF gratefully accepts property vehicle donations. Says Beth, “It’s the perfect time of year to donate your vehicle or property and receive a 2014 tax deduction! No matter how you choose to make a donation, your financial support makes our programs possible! Call toll-free, 1-888-433-6207 to set-up your donation today”.