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Etiket Arşivi: mattress

Heat Conditioned Pads Of Isbir Keep Cool

Launching several new products in the mattress market, the company offers four season comfort and hygiene with its heat-conditioned pads. Produced as two types, one for singles and other for both spouses the product adds more choice for customers and ...

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Las Vegas Design Center anchors expand for summer

Leading Resources reshape floors A1 & A2 at Las Vegas Market Las Vegas Market has recently announced that the expansion of three leading showrooms Global Views and its Studio A affiliate, Christopher Guy, and Phillips Collection will reshape the Building ...

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Turkey’s mattress exports developing fast

The Turkish mattress industry has been developing at all aspects. The production has been improving dramatically. The latest technologies and innovations such as latex, memory foam, organic and value added mattresses with various features gained momentum in recent years. There ...

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Tidy up your summer dresses and make room for your winter dresses

Together with the fresh air that takes effect dayby-day, summer dresses give place to winter dresses little by little. To make room for winter dresses in your wardrobe, you can get help from the bed base of Konfor and easily ...

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KAYBED assertive in boxspring and mattress cover production, too!

By the support from its automatic assembly line, KAYBED has a production capacity of 1,000 mattress/day installed on modern and hygienic facilities planted on 10,000 square meters area located at Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone. As well as having an expertized ...

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