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Clean up your sleep

Clean sleeping, like clean eating, allows you to achieve good mental and physical health by taking sleep seriously and committing to getting the amount of sleep your body needs, without pills, prescriptions or sleep aids. Naturally adjusting your surroundings and activities allows you to gently slip into sleep each night. Clean sleep can be the key to gentle aging, lowered stress and anxiety, staying slim, and looking and feeling good. Take these steps to achieve clean sleep:

Use yoga. Practice yoga nidra, a style of yoga that relaxes muscles and brings the mind and body to a restful state, before bedtime.

Feel your way. Take a moment to explore your mattress for lumps, bumps or valleys. These are all signs your mattress is due for a replacement. If your mattress is more than five or seven years old, it’s time to replace it with a new model that gives you the support and comfort you need each night.

Sip for sleep. Instead of drinking alcohol (or anything with caffeine in it) before bed, whip up a sleep brew that will help you relax and unwind. Mix chamomile, lavender and valerian, and steep in hot water. One small cup an hour before bedtime will help you sleep.

Delve into darkness. Prepare your room for sleep with black-out curtains, room-darkening blinds or a sleep mask. Light disrupts natural sleep.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T. People who eat clean develop a sense of respect and appreciation for the healthy food that gives them energy and keeps them well. To sleep clean, approach sleep with that same level of recognition. See the important role sleep plays in your health and allow sleep to be part of the harmony of your life. View it not as an obligation, but as a welcome respite.

Noises off. Make sure your bedroom is quiet and play some soft meditation music on a timer, or wear earplugs to block out sounds.

Sleep scents. Aromatherapy using lavender or sandalwood can relax your body for sleep.

Gentle touch. 100% cotton sheets and pajamas provide a soft feel that is soothing. If you tend to feel hot while sleeping, choose moisture-wicking pajamas.

SOURCE: The Better Sleep Council

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