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Etiket Arşivi: design

Decoration tips for peace and chick in bedrooms

Awakening in a bedroom furnished with harmonious colors and models of your choice is one of the rare moments that you fell happy. The only thing to do for this end is to know how to design it right. Decoration ...

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Special designs from Newjoy for future grown ups: “These beds are ace!”

Newjoy, the manufacturer of baby, kid and youth furniture that makes a statement with its unique line of products is becoming increasingly popular amongst teens with its Towerland model. Towerland speaks immaculate juvenescence with its modern design, product quality and ...

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Kayseri, a modern city full of history!

Today, Kayseri, with its rapid growth in the sense of economy, culture, sports and urbanism, without doubt, is one of the leading cities in Turkey The earliest settlement around Kayseri is The Karum of Kanesh, situated 20 km to the ...

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A pouf as a seat and as a bed

Designing original, functional and joyful products for babies, kids and teens, Cilek introduces Sleepy Pouf that can be converted to a seat or a bed. Functionality of the pouf attracts attention of kids and parents with its sharp colors as ...

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