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Spinks Springs pioneering in new spring technologies

Spinks Springs are part of the Harrison Spinks family of businesses whose origins of developing and manufacturing mattress fillings date back to 1840.

Over the last two decades Harrison Spinks Company has been striving to manufacture springs which not only provide support but also give excellent levels of comfort. With this obsession, they have a team of engineers pioneering new spring technology which can be used within many markets bringing comfort and support to individuals whether it is in bed, sitting on a sofa, travelling or sitting at their office desk.

The R&D team not only invent these springs but also invent the machines to make them in an automated process at high speed. Through innovation in pocket spring machinery, Spinks Springs can offer sheets of miniature springs starting from as small as 10mm high. The flexible nature of these pocket springs allows the user to feel unparalleled levels of comfort and support and has recently won awards for its use within the automotive industry.

Spinks Springs offer a range of Posturfil Springs, the smallest of which PosturfilHD, has a spring count of over 2000 coils in a 150cm mattress, because of the unique manufacturing process they are completely flexible and move in a variety of directions, unlike most other springs which just move up and down.

The range of springs also includes a 38mm high Posturfil spring which is available in 5 different tensions and has a spring count of over 1000 coils in a 150cm. Both of these products work especially well in mattresses, boxsprings, toppers and pillows alike.

They are extremely versatile and can be used as a HR or viscoelastic foam replacement or within foam encapsulations and also with latex. They can be layered upon each other relatively near the sleeping surface, enabling manufacturers to create a range of mattresses with increasing spring counts. Comfort achieved from mattresses enclosing these Spinks Springs is undeniably improved and increases exponentially as the layers of springs increase.

Harrison Spinks employs 300 people, has 3 factories in Leeds with over 350,000ft2 for manufacturing, a 300 acre farm where it grows natural nonwoven materials, such as hemp, flax and wool for mattresses. For additional information please visit