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Latexco and FIAB Forserum join forces

Latexco, the world’s biggest manufacturer of latex components to the mattress and bedding industry, has acquired a majority stake in FIAB, Scandinavia’s largest producer of latex components.

LATEXCO produces a large range of latex mattress cores, sheets and pillow cores. Besides its headquarters in Belgium, the company also has production and logistic facilities in Spain, the USA and Indonesia. It ensures global commercial coverage through regional sales offices in Asia and Latin America.

FIAB Forserum AB: Located in Forserum, Sweden, FIAB is the largest producer of latex components for the mattress and furniture industry in Scandinavia. For some years now, FIAB has been widening its market to include the Baltic States, Russia and Poland. The company produces latex foam toppers in accordance with the Dunlop process. Scandinavia can be considered as the home market for the currently very popular comfort topper concept.

Latexco’s interest in FIAB
Latexco`s majority stake in FIAB is a well-considered strategy for both companies, resulting from the strong and growing presence of latex in northern & eastern Europe. Thanks to the new partnership, Latexco and FIAB will enjoy great opportunities to further develop, consolidate and lend better services to the Scandinavian and eastern Europe markets. FIAB`s current CEO, Joakim Åberg, will continue to head up the Swedish company.

The future
Both companies were established in the 1950s and have since acquired a profound know-how. The exclusive comfort of latex ensures excellent mechanical and thermal benefits and helps people worldwide to enjoy a revitalizing night’s sleep. The merger of both companies offers major synergy opportunities and is a driver for further growth.