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Sleep problems of children is on the increase

As in all stages of life, sleep plays a great role in biological and psychological developments of kids.

Each of them has individual need for sleep, though during school years it rises a lot. Kids that could not get into sleep enough or hard to sleep may have serious health problems. Prof. Dr. Hakan Kaynak, of Center of Sleep Disorders, Memorial Sisli Hospital, informed about sleep problems of kids and the measures that can be taken to prevent.

Less sleep increases the risk of diabetics

For kids, either in their pre-school and school years, sleep is important. Sleep deprivation may cause serious health problems. Latest research in the field shows that sleep deprivation is gradually prevailing in recent years. Time for sleep is decreasing and obesity and diabetics are increasing. Besides, correlation between lack of attention and sleep deprivation becomes suspicious.

Sleep deprivation affects intellectual and biological development of kids negatively

Sleep problems in kids can be classified into two groups. In the first group, are the children who have sleep problems caused by environmental other external causes. The other group is composed of kids having sleep problems similar to the grown-up’s. They sleep enough though the quality of sleep is deteriorated. It does not matter what the cause is, sleep disorders cause problems in concentration and learning. For most of the children that were diagnosed as deficit of attention syndrome the real problem is sleep deprivation. Problematic growth is another result of sleep disorders. Sleep deprivation runs in parallel with mental and physical progress of the kids. Recently, body adiposity and overweight are also added to the scenarios.

No ideal sleep time for kids

As in the adults, sleep times and durations are determined by genes and differ among individuals. Some kids sleep less, about 4-5 hours; some sleep more, about 12-14 hours. This should be remembered. Parents should determine the needed time and duration of sleep for their kids. Time to go to sleep and time for wake up, both may fluctuate, should be arranged and kids should not be forced to behave accordingly. It is not good for kids. This causes additional problems. Each child has its own time and period for sleep and it is unique.

Compulsion to sleep should be avoided

Most parents are now aware of the fact that their kids have special and unique time and period for sleep. Parents should be keen enough to keep watch their needs for sleep and act accordingly. Their sleep time and periods during school days should be planned mutually. If occurs, loss of sleep times should be regained on weekends or in the afternoons.

No cell-phone in bedrooms

As most of the adults, kids too are sensitive against electronic and technological harms of the appliances. Kids who waste their time in dealing with smart phones steal time of their sleep periods. Besides their harms and cause less sleep, bright whit light cause slippages in sleep rhythms. It is a proven fact that these appliances deteriorate the quality of sleep.