Anasayfa / Mattresses / Sabah Yatak offers the optimal mattresses that suit best to all forms of bodies

Sabah Yatak offers the optimal mattresses that suit best to all forms of bodies

Sabah Yatak offers both high hygiene alternatives and the optimal mattresses that suit best to all forms of the bodies.

Supplying 70 % of its production to the hospitality industry, Sabah Yatak aims maximum comfort in hotel mattresses. We conducted an interview with Uraz Solmaz, sales and marketing manager, about their activities in the hotel industry. He emphasized on the replacement of mattresses in 5 to 7 years from hygienic point of view.

It is a great challenge to offer the best comfort in hotels where people have thousands of special body forms. What are your arguments to support your promise?

That’s true. Mattresses in hotels are used by a wide range of people from 7 to 70 years of ages. So, we have to develop the most optimal solution in our products that will serve people who have different weighs, body forms, and at various ages. Besides, their sleeping habits are widely different. We, the Turks, prefer harder form of mattresses but Scandinavians cannot be dive into sleep on these mattresses even by force. They began complaining in the next morning. They like softer mattresses. We work for many of five star hotels not in the country but also in abroad. They make serious studies before deciding what to use in their premises. They have been developing certain recipes for their needs. We combine these recipes to decide on the specifications of our mattresses. Hygiene should also be maintained at top and certain finishing materials should have been used on the fabrics of mattress. There are several standards, including flame retardant, springs and materials used in the manufacturing. Even spring systems are important.

How frequently should mattresses in hotels be replaced by new ones?

Hotel management should not wait up until their physical lives of mattresses to replace them for healthier and comfortable sleep experience. For hygienic reasons, they have to be replaced in five to seven years.

How large is your share in the hospitality industry and annual volume of production?

Our annual production of mattress is about 300 thousand, and we make 250 thousand bases annually. Our share in hotel market is rather high. 50 to 55 % of our sales are made on contracts and 30 to 25 % is exported. We also serve to military facilities, student hostels, etc.

What is the share of your sales to the hospitality industry?

It runs about 70 % of our production.

What are the differences of the mattresses sold to hotels from others?

Mattresses in hotels should serve best to all the people at every age and forms. They must be durable, hygienic, flame retarded and offer the maximum physical comfort.

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