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Hotel beds, a growing industry

The competition to win customers’ loyalty by promising them a better night’s rest means that putting a pillow-top mattress and higher-quality sheets on the bed may no longer be enough. To stay ahead, hotels are rolling out full-scale sleep initiatives.

According to a study conducted by German Fraunhofer Institute offers important clues for hotel owners and managers to increase customer satisfaction. The most important one in those clues is the mattress in the room. The data was provided by surveying hotel guests. 98% of the people confirmed that their first priority was the kind of mattress for their comfort and stay but unfortunately only 35% of them said they were pleased with the beds they were offered at hotels.

Another German organization namely AGR has been conducting studies and campaigns about waist and back pains. This AGR grants hotels which meet certain criteria on mattresses, pillows, chairs and seminar rooms with “ waist and back friendly” certificates. AGR highlighted that the hospitality industry was generous enough on the facilities such as wellness, TV and food and beverage but not so generous or conscious about beddings on customer satisfaction.

The customers perceive to get improved sleep in the hotel rooms than they normally get in their own bed at home. Luxury and high end quality bedding ensures that they get a sleeping experience that is the best that can be offered. The luxury hotel beds are large sized, custom designed by well-known bed manufacturers exclusively for the hotels.

The main purpose of hoteliers is to please the customer at all fields. Depending on needs the hotel rooms vary as single, double, triple or more for family or group accommodations. They also vary for quality such as medium, luxury, suite, royal, etc. Comfortable bed is the indispensible part of full comfort at hotels.

In choosing luxurious beds the hotel managers usually prefer the criterion of making guests feel more comfortable. Since the beds made of cotton, fiber and silicon mixtures absorb sweat in summer months will not interrupt your sleep for perspiration. If your feeling doesn’t change whether you sleep on the side or at the middle of the mattress that is also a factor for preference. Being ergonomic and waist/back-friendly is another good feature.

How should an ideal hotel bed be? There are a lot of criteria about this but the followings are some of the most important titles:

The bed should address to all ages, should be durable, should provide maximum hygiene, should be flame retardant, should offer maximum comfort and should be economical.

There are a great number of hotel bed manufacturers who serve a big number of hotels and hotel rooms. This fact generates a big competition. Almost all of these manufacturers have big volumes of exports as well.

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