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Repositioning of Lenzing Modal ® brand

Lenzing is repositioning the Lenzing Modal® brand to reflect the new Modal production technology. The slogan “Makes the World a Softer Place” will be changed to “CO2 Neutral Softness by Edelweiss Technology”.

Lenzing’s symbiotic production process makes Lenzing Modal® CO2 neutral* (Life Cycle Assessment of Lenzing Fibers:
M. Patel, L. Shen, University Utrecht, Netherlands, 2008): the full integration of the site in Austria- pulp production and fiber production in the same location- leads to the recovery of excess energy and valuable wood substances. Pulp production at Lenzing is energy self-sufficient and also generates energy for Modal production as a whole. “We are proud that Lenzing Modal® is CO2 neutral*. Born from our desire to produce in an increasingly eco-friendly manner, we have developed proprietary production techniques. We have become pioneers in the design of wood organic refineries”,

Dieter Eichinger, Vice President Lenzing Textil, explains. “This combination makes Lenzing Modal® unique. Where else can you find Modal production which uses beechwood and operates in an energy self-sufficient manner, recovering 95% of the chemicals required in the process? This is definitely something unique worldwide”, Dieter Eichinger says. Lenzing Modal® is Edelweiss “Lenzing Modal® is much more than just simply soft. We wish to pay tribute to this fact and reposition the Lenzing Modal® brand”, Marketing Director Andreas Dorner explains. “Expanding the fiber’s image from softness to ecofriendliness mirrors the changes in the demands from the marketplace. Today customers not only seek a high-quality product. They want to be sure that it was produced in a fair and eco-friendly way”, Dorner continues.

The environmentally compatible production of Lenzing Modal® is reflected with the term “Edelweiss technology“. It is only at Lenzing that all the environmental parameters are applied: pulp production and fiber production at a single site, the use of domestic beechwood, up to 95% recovery of the chemicals used, and environmental technologies specifically developed for this purpose. Adaptation of Lenzing Modal® production.

Now Lenzing Modal® will be available in greater quantities and “bleached with oxygen“. This is another step to make the fiber eco-friendlier. Nearly half of overall Lenzing Modal® production can be manufactured in this process.