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MAMMUT, a deep-rooted and respectful brand in quilting machines

E. Stutznäcker GmbH & Co.KG, better known under its brand MAMMUT, was founded in 1872 and since 140 years it is specialized in building highperformance quilting machines for the bedding industry around the globe.

Below are the important steppingstones of the company by some years:

It was as early as the late 19th century that conventional apparel sewing machines already spread the market. By that time it was the grand grand grand grandfather of today´s managing director who decided to go a different way.

Large size sewing, mainly comforters was his target. This still was uncharted and Eldorado to a real passionate engineer. The result was the first long arm-quilting machine ever.

And the demand was overwhelming – the legendary Mammut Longarm- Machine was sold several thousand times all over the world, with its successors until the 1990’s.

A remarkable year…

The spirit of innovation was proven again as the world’s first multi needle machine with rotary hooks was launched. In developing multiple zigzag lines and combined with a second, rectangular operating machine, the very popular square, or box pattern of standard comforters was achieved.

At output figures as much as 10 times higher than before. It was certainly a revolutionary step.

The successor of this machine remains to be a key product of its range today, called Mammut VM7, frequently selling to the textile industry, with a breathtaking sewing speed of 1700 stitches per minute.

In the course of time probably the most important year to the bedding industry was 1971. Worldwide for the first time a “double chain stitch multi needle quilter” was sold to a customer.

We named the machine Mammut VMK. Surely everybody will agree that multi needle chain stitch quilting became and still is the most common method to manufacture mattress panels and mattress covers.

It lasted until the late 1980’s, and more than 200 Mammut VMK’s were sold, before competition from the United States and Italy joined us, somehow copying our concept.

This year will someday appear in its history as year of a revolution again. Because the MAMMUT VMK now transformed into the VMK Select. Maintaining, even exceeding, the productivity of multi-needle quilting, this new machine dissolves its numbness and inflexibility.

The innovative top model has two needle bars and as many as up to 128 individually programmable sewing positions. Changing needle configuration from one quilt design to another is a simple, programmed step – no operator involvement or other mechanical adjustments required. The machine operates at a top speed of 1600 stitches/min.

As with MAMMUT’s regular-class multi needle quilters, pattern creation software is included as standard equipment on the MAMMUT VMK SELECT. It offers a broad array of quilt patterns for continuous or tack-and jump quilting. The MAMMUT VMK SELECT also allows for the use of different needle style patterns. In addition, panel-centered patterns can be cut accurately by employing a panel-marking and detective device which allows for the precise center cutting of quilted panels, regardless of size sequences.

Now – what is the secret behind Mammut?
The secret is nothing more but the combination of discipline, open mind and passion for technology. On the one hand it is manufacturing, where we always try to maintain the leading edge, and where we invest into the latest manufacturing technologies. Thus we permanently improve our products, our components and our parts. To match and to maintain our high quality standards we focus on manufacturing as much as possible in our own factory or at local suppliers nearby.

On the other hand the core of our products certainly is the result of research and development.From the first days we refer to quilting as a different process compared to industrial sewing. Industrial sewing certainly is highly perfected in the apparel industry, and on highest levels it combines cloth to cloth. Many of our competitors simply use such sewing heads in their machines. But quilting means something different. It combines cloth to a varying compound of fill materials.

Achieving the correct pressure while performing each single stitch, guiding even many different material layers, all with different characteristics and on large surface scales, without receiving wrinkles or distortions is clearly exceeding regular industrial sewing. We always try to perfect the quilting process. We always scout new customer requirements and new innovative technologies to make MAMMUT machines better and better.

Today MAMMUT offers a wide range of single-needle – and multi-needle machines for the mattress – and comforter industry. Typical machines in its program, beside the MAMMUT multi-needle chainstitch machine VMK SELECT, are:

The benchmark in quality and performance. Fast, precise, durable : the MAMMUT VMK multi-needle double lock chainstitch sewing machine offers the same maximum sewing performance , short setup times and reliability that MAMMUT machines are known for around the world. No matter whether you are making continuous quilt patterns or jump patterns with upperthread cuts, MAMMUT is the leader in the production of mattress panels, covers, protectors and borders. Your advantage : very high durability, diverse applications, easy handling and excellent productivity, even in small batches.

The mattress-hemming machine MAMMUT MPS in connection with a MAMMUT multi-needle quilting machine creates a complete production line for the fabrication of all around hemmed quilted goods, such as mattress panels. Different pre-cut dimensions can be automatically programmed. Material width from 100 cm to 250 cm can be processed. The MAMMUT MPS system handles up to 5 panels in a minute. An unbeaten benchmark…

The MAMMUT P2A/P1A stands for exceptional quilting: it combines the best sewing properties with high sewing speed and excellent pattern precision. It is easy to use, even with frequent changing between patterns and sewing materials. It is adaptable and versatile. It is ideal for both very thick and heavy and for thin filling materials. And it is available with either one or two sewing heads. A cut above the rest: the MAMMUT´s outstanding sewing technology. Where other suppliers are limited because they simply convert and modify already commercially available industrial sewing machines, we provide a fundamental difference. In order to maintain control of multi-layered, high volume, and also large-area sewing materials, the MAMMUT P2A/P1A is equipped with our specially designed MAMMUT sewing heads. Mammut is the only supplier with its own sewing technology. Your advantage: perfect stitching, a clean seam and an excellent overall result.

The MAMMUT VM7 is an exceptionally productive and durable lockstitchquilting machine. With its speed of 1.700 rpm it is about 4 times as fast as a conventional multi-needle quilting machine. The MAMMUT VM7 is mainly for manufacturing quilts, sleeping bags, bedspreads and similar products. It can quilt thick and billowing goods as well as very thin fabrics without any problem, the moving sewing parts of the machine, especially the presser feet and the needles operate without a sliding guide. This means that even at the highest sewing speed there is no overheating. There is also no need to constantly lubricate, which means less maintenance and low wear and tear.

In the year 1974 E. Stutznäcker GmbH & Co.KG started to supply MAMMUT machines to its Turkish customers. Until today more than a hundred machines were sold to the finest and most well known companies in Turkey. Almost every manufacturer of mattresses, furniture and comforters in Turkey runs at least one MAMMUT machine. “We want to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to all our customers in Turkey for their faith and loyalty in our products over the last decades which finally made Turkey one of our most important partner countries worldwide,” says an official of the company. “We are committed to our friendship and business partnership and look forward to deepening our ties in the years to come.”