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Orthopedic And Healthy Beds From Bucca

buccaIn line with increasing number of bed producers, companies began to emphasize on the production of natural and technology based products for the consumers. One of them is Bucca bed company, whose partner Ugur Yildiz, informed about his company and challenged the myth of “expensive beds is the best”.

Do you inform us about your company? What are the services you offer?

Consumers in abroad 30 % care for the sleep and beds, while in Turkey, 6 % of people care about the importance of beds in their lives. Upon this data, we decided to produce organic beds that provide special sleep comfort with their specifications having natural materials and high technology. We tried to change the prevailing myth about the expensive beds that are thought as also the best. Selecting the right bed for the needs, habits and bodies of the consumers is more important. Cooperating with sleep experts and professionals, we got trust of buyers. We are now developing a number of firsts in mattress market. Surprises are on the way.

Will you inform us about your special products? Why people should buy beds from you?

Our slogan is “gourmet in bed”. We produce both comfortable and healthy products by combining every suitable material that can be used in the manufacturing. Like a cake, we combine them harmonically. Customers then choose the best beds for their sleeping habits and their body forms. Our customers sleep on organically products hand made by using natural materials and customized for their needs. Also our sellers inform our buyers and help them to choose the best product for themselves. Our products are certified and guaranteed.

Beds are one of the important parts of people’s life. How should the quality of a bed? What are your advices for customers?

Companies develop their own product portfolios and samples and try to promote their products with marketing campaigns. Our products are as natural as the sleep itself. A quality bed should meet all the needs of individuals during sleep. The materials used from the surface to deep inside should be chosen carefully and arranged accordingly. Popular beds are not suitable for every one, buyers should behave selectively to find the best product for their needs. Customers should inspect the materials used and their peculiarities to see if they are perspiring, have any health problems, their weights, etc. all are important for selecting the best because mattress is a person specific orthopedic product. They should prefer not the most expensive ones but that best suited to their needs.

How are your R&D activities? How do develop new products?


We work wit our professional team and engage in daily brainstorming sessions with them. We improved our manufacturing processes and obtained quality certificate issued by Turkish Standards Institute. We renovate our machinery inventory continuously and increase of production capacity. Besides beds, we are also produce other products such as pillows, furniture for home and offices and other products for hotel projects. 128 people are employed in our factory in Ankara Hasanoglan Organized Industrial zone.

How are your export activities? What are your target countries and markets?

Our products are exported to 8 countries. When the negotiations were completed there will be more countries for our exports. Presently, we sold our products to Azerbaijan, Iran, Germany, Dubai, Morocco, Nigeria, Russia and Greece.

What is your opinion about bed market in Turkey? What are Turkey’s position vis-à- vis foreign markets?

As I mentioned above, foreigners emphasize more on their sleep and beds. The ratio is 30 % in abroad while it is 6 % in Turkey. Recently manufacturers saw the fast growth of the mattress markets. Because, people have become more concerned and began to seek more comfortable and healthier products. Even furniture manufacturers started to produce beds. New brands have appeared. New sleep centers have opened. I think that the replacement period for beds will be shorter in the future than its present time span of 10 years. In foreign countries consumers replace their beds in 4 to 5 years on average.

What are the problems in bed markets? What is your solution for these?

It seems that there is a long way to go in mattress industry in the fields of production, quality, marketing, selling, after sale services and others. As firms and producers we have to combine our efforts and energy in order to increase public awareness on the importance of their sleep and the sleep products, so that the consumers then will become more selective when buying our products.

What are your additional opinions?

With our professional team and production capacity we are one of the young and the best companies in our field. Presently, we are developing sleep centers to sell our products. For those who want to establish centers at prestigious locations we are ready to cooperate with our professional architects, sales advisors and sleep experts to open turnkey sleep centers. We are gourmet in mattress. Bed is our business