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Etiket Arşivi: healthy

Choosing the right pillow is important for improving sleep quality

Choosing the right pillow is one of the first steps to increase both the productivity and the quality of sleep. Inappropriate pillows may cause headache, muscular retention, snoring, and occasional inability to breathe during sleep. The quality of sleep is ...

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Feel what the natural is with Isbir cushions

Bed specialist Isbir offers a healthy and comfortable sleep with its production experience in the field of mattress and foam. In its 2019 collection prepared by R&D and design team of Isbir, natural pillows and quilts are at the forefront ...

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Sleepworks Massapequa welcomes new organic mattress line

Anthony Page and the Sleepworks family are continuing to fulfill consumer demand for healthy, organic products that provide outstanding comfort and durability. New York Based, Sleepworks Inc., the largest retailer of organic and natural mattresses welcomes two new lines to ...

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World’s first cooling hybrid mattress

 Nodical Introduces Comfort Technology with Cool Airflow TAMPA, FL (PRWEB) NOVEMBER 13, 2016 The brand-new bed from is engineered to provide a healthy night’s sleep by addressing and correcting the 4 key reasons why people don’t sleep well. You ...

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Homevs offers healthy and natural mattresses

Homevs, a company in EvsGroup Mob Co. Inc, has been producing mattresses made of natural materials such as horsehair, camel wool and cashmere. Besides, there are mattresses that are covered with linen, pro active, silk and vanilla scented knitted and ...

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