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A New Style in Bedrooms by Joyce Elizabeth

Joyce Elizabeth, a famous designer, designed for Lazzoni and produced a new concept and a peak chick by joining opposite styles and by using thin lines,” says Efe Karabulut, fourth generation representative of Lazzoni company.

Combining nostalgic and romantic lines, a new style developed for Lazzoni Furniture company by Joyce Elizabeth, a world famous designer, attracts interest in the sector. Focused on the needs of the people living in metropolises, the young designer from the USA, has felt her presence in bedrooms, as well. The collection has no sharp lines but has a special language for color usage.

“We got a good harmony when Joyce Elizabeth joined our efforts. She successfully combined nostalgia and romantic styles that normally are highly separated forms, in her designs. We got different senses and learned new things from her works and while we working with her. She analyzed our needs and us in a short period. Her designs are not only addressing to the needs of us Turks, but also all the people living a modern urban life in metropolises. I think this is the major

factor in her success, and the harmony of Elizabeth and Lazzoni. Mat lacquer beds is one of the alternatives that Elizabeth offers for bed rooms for those who seek modernity and simplicity in their rooms. Curved cuts of feet of beds produces a classic sense while angled cuts on the bedheads produces another sense.” says, Efe Karabulut.

Lazzoni, having an experience of 61 years in the industry, offers new products designed by foreign designers. The company has also an online brand and several branches in certain cities in the world and has stores in Turkey.