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Aegean Sunset of “The Mediterranean Collection” by Candia Strom

Your days start fresh and full of energy… as your nights unroll leisurely and comfortably, in one of the unique “identity” bedrooms.

The Aegean Sunset mattress is part of the “The Mediterranean Collection” released by Candia Strom, a Greek mattress manufacturing company. The Aegean Sunset is a handmade, anatomic, firm mattress, from “The Mediterranean Collection”, made from natural materials such as coconut fiber, cotton wool, latex with jute backing and cotton calico pocket springs. Its’ top layer is a viscose fabric, specially treated with olive oil, with antibacterial protection to the skin. The bed is treated with olive oil so that it’s softer and therapeutic on to the skin.

Sleeping on it would be beneficial to the user. Features of the Aegean Sunset includes:

* Cotton Calico Pocket Springs 950 spring count (160 x 200 mattress)

* Coconut Fiber

* Latex with Jute Backing

* Cotton Wool

* Viscose Fabric, with Olive Oil treatment

* Two rows of Side stitching

* Four Sewed on Handles

* Two Ventilators

* Total Spring Count: 950

Candia Strom began with a dream… to bring sweet dreams to you, by offering the ultimate sleeping experience with the most anatomical and orthopedic mattresses. Since then, Candia Strom has continuously grown in the marketplace and developed into a privately owned exemplar plant of 8,000 sqm. Excellence in the quality of sleep has become the passion and vision behind the 120 employees, determined to combine advanced technology, innovation and the best materials to develop mattresses for every need.