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Mondi Offers better, comfortable and peaceful sleep

With its renovated facelift in furniture industry, Mondi brings better, comfortable and peaceful sleep with its energy line mattresses as well as Mondi Plusjel and Majestic lines.

Emphasizing on quality and flawless customer service, a leading furniture company Mondi, now carries homes its comfort and quality with its new bed series. For a healthy and quality sleep Mondi advices to its customers Plusjel and Majestic mattresses, that helps to start the day energetically. Produced by applying special Jelltech (Gel Tech) technology, Plusjel mattresses offers comfortable sleep and helps to gain back the energy lost during the day. Viscocell sponge used in the product reduces the stresses on muscles and nerves and improves blood circulation. Depending on the choice, beds are used double sided, one for soft the other for hard.

Majestic mattresses are for more comfort. This product is also made as double sided and has a specially designed pad that may be used as separate bed. Mattresses are all able to suck moisture and provide high level of air ventilation thanks to their high quality fabrics that are easy to clean and resistant to stains.