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365 days, around the clock massage pleasure in your bedroom

Viscostar Nature Massage beds of Isbir, provides controlled massage at eight points. Produced out of natural soy esence viscoelastic material and soy fiber cotton cover, it offers the benefits of both besides a perfect treatment.

Following closely the technology and developments, Isbir Yatak finds solutions to sleeping problems and aims to have people start the day fresh and brisk. The latest addition to smart bed series, Viscostar Nature Massage, is made of natural materials. It provides an ideal support for body with its healthy structure and also keeps body temperature at the optimum level thus helps to reduce belly, neck, back and shoulder aches. By using natural viscoelastic material that has no sera gas effect, and 30 percent less petroleum derivatives, the product also helps to protect environment. Isbir Yatak first produced the product in Turkey that has also a temporal control. By remote control, the user can start and stop the massage function as wished. You may be awakened by it automatically. The bed vibrates at 8 different points. Having more smart cells in it, the bed can control larger temperature ranges and pressure levels.