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Las Vegas Market posts a successful winter market

By several pivotal measurements – a significant increase in attendance and overall order writing, as well as an influx of new showroom tenants and temporary exhibitors – the Winter GIFT+HOME at Las Vegas Market, January 28-February 1, 2013, was the most successful market since its launch for all participants

With the first in a planned series of strategic moves debuting this January, including remerchandising gift and home floors in Building C to enhance category representation and launching new floors and categories, Las Vegas has begun to secure its position as the leading market for gift & home décor in the Western U.S. “Excitement and optimism at market were palpable, with buyers and suppliers buzzing about the transformational changes introduced this winter,” said Dorothy Belshaw, president of Gift & Home Décor,

International Market Centers. “We recorded an unparalleled 25 percent gain in gift and home décor buyer attendance, with select categories, such as textiles and home decor, posting increases of up to 30 and 40 percent, respectively. These year-overyear increases are directly correlated to the specialty home décor collections introduced on B3 and C3, and occupancy growth on gift floors during the past two markets. A combination of thoughtful resource expansion and targeted and compelling communication with prospective attendees enabled us to enrich both the exhibitor and buyer constituencies in tandem.” Winter market highlights included the debut of C3 and its concentration of 20+ better home décor resources. “The response to our continued concentration of better home décor resources has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Belshaw. “As a result we have accelerated our plans to convert C4 into additional showrooms for better home décor, and will relocate our home-focused temporary exhibitors to C5 for the Summer market.” The reorganization and categorization of temporary exhibitors this Winter also resulted in improved layout and traffic flow, and buyers from all 50 states and

74 countries were spotted in the aisles. Re-merchandising of gift showrooms, combined with the addition of several new market-leading tenants, brought dynamism and excitement to floors C6, C7, C8 and C9. In line with these gains in depth, breadth, and quality of resources, the market also experienced a surge in gift and home attendance levels and geographic reach. Both permanent tenants and temporary exhibitors noted an  increased number of buyers from throughout the western United States, as well as from South America and Canada. GIFT+HOME at Las Vegas Market is a leading gift and home décor marketplace in the western U.S., presenting 800+ gift and home décor resources in an unrivaled market destination. Las Vegas Market features thousands of furniture, gift and home décor lines, allowing for cross-category commerce among the gift, furniture, home décor and accessory industries. The Summer 2013 Las Vegas Market runs July 29-August 2, 2013,