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Istikbal, mattress ticking fabric technology

The leading company of the Turkish furniture industry has realized a first in the world by carrying the enlivening and energetic features of Amethyst gem to the mattress industry with an inspiration it received from the nature.

Carrying Amethyst gem to the mattress fabric for the first time in the world thru its Amethyst Therapy Series, Istikbal assures better quality sleep thereby raising the life level and waking up rejuvenated. Developed by Istikbal, Amethyst Therapy Series developed by using the Therapy Plus mattress fabric discharges the negative energy thanks to the usage of amethyst gems and helps you to start the day rejuvenated and positive. Besides, thanks to antibacterial feature and soft and smooth touching on the surface of the mattress, it offers a sleep with maximum hygiene and maximum comfort. Amethyst Therapy Series, which was developed and designed with the longterm and painstaking efforts of the R&D team of Istikbal, carries all features of amethyst gems to your sleep.