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Kayzer Furniture

Kayzer Base and Mattress has taken attention of his customers in a short time although it is a newborn company in the furniture sector with its domestic and foreign trade line products. The company, which takes serious steps to be an internationally well-known brand, keeps working on different cultures to enlarge his product range. We wanted to know the secrets of the success story of the company from Mr. Salim, who is an expert in domestic marketing and one of the partners of Kayzer Furniture. He kindly answered our questions to introduce the company clearly. Regarding the meaning of Kayzer, He says that we will be the Kayzer of the world under the favour of our products in base and mattress.

Could you please introduce yourself briefly?

I was born in Kahramanmaras in 1966. I graduated from Erciyes University the department of Marketing. I am married and father of three children. The reason for which I have decided to go on and improve myself on this path is interested in trade and marketing while I was young and thinking my characteristic features perfectly match up with this job.

Could you give some information about Kayzer Furniture?

To give brief information about the establishment of company, Kayzer Base and Mattress was found in 2011-2012 by the support of our Turkish partner Mr. Erhan Adıbelli who lives in Netherland and desires to contribute to the country economy focusing on manufacture and export, and Mr. Sedat Surucu who has ten years of experiences in furniture industry, we made an entry to the sector by producing base and mattress under the name of Kayzer with the great support of our business partner Mr. Ramazan Sertkaya who is architecture of this partnership as well . To bring the Kayzer shining to bedrooms, to present our Professional experiences to customer service, to add new values in our business day by day and to reflect it to the humanity are some of the essential principles of Kayzer Furniture. While producing the new models by combining the health, comfort and style, we keep up with times and catch the trends of time. With which kinds of products has Kayzer

Furniture entered into the sector?

Even though we are new in the sector, we have entered into the sector with products which we developed without considering the cost-efficient by preserving the certain quality of standards in domestic market. Even if we have difficulty competing against economic goods in Base and Mattress sector, we gain appreciation of our customers. We have built up boxspring

and adjustable box-spring bases which are highly demanded in foreign market in our first three months of establishment. Moreover, we continue our works on our foreign trade products predicting that they can be demanded in domestic market as well. We provide service in domestic market with our product list of base with storage area, base with reserve mattress and solid base which is demanded mostly by hotels. We satisfy every customer’sneeds by providing several fabrics, feet, and headboards and mattresses options.

Could you please mention about your R&D activities briefly?

We act firstly in accordance with our customer’s demands in research and development activities. After deciding the materials to manufacture new models, it is started to produce the samples then the serial production is started by catching the features and appearance standards of the product. Every work we have done gives additional value to the product. Upon requests coming from our customers, we have been working on our products over and over again to reach the beter ones.

Where and what kind of materials do you provide with your products for your company?

On the point of our raw materials, we especially prefer Boytex fabrics for fabric procurement. Other than fabric material, we use first quality pocket spring, bonel spring, iron profile, hardboard, foam, felt, mattress cover and small wares. For packing of manufactured products, we give great importance to place the product into the carton box after covering them into nylon bags. The companies which can be supplied high quality and unordinary materials that we will need to develop our desired new models in accordance with demands coming from abroad, are chosen meticulously. In general, our customers from different countries choose the materials and we work with the companies which ones can supply these materials.

Could you please give some information about your exportation? Which countries do you export?

Not even three months later beginning the production, by developing box spring and adjustable box-spring bases which are demanded in foreign market, and making a foreign product list, Kayzer Furniture started to export in a little while thanks to having strong infrastructure and its founders’ great experiences on this sector. Our box-spring bases, which are mostly demanded from Germany, are also commercialized to Belgium and Netherland, and our business connections with Greece and Libya continue as well. Kayzer Base and Mattress takes serious steps towards to be a powerful brand to have a word in every market by the virtue of our export sales representatives, Miss Öznur ALTINOLUK and Mr. Muhammet Ca¤r› GÜZEL who carry out their works in our Foreign Trade Department, regarding their international market researches and customers’ demands, by making a product range which is unique to each country considering their social and cultural structure.

Could you give information about your new investments please?

We have increased the production area by %50 to prevent the disruption of production activities both in domestic and foreign markets. In this direction, the works continue to build a warehouse and a store in Netherland to be more active and to provide an after-sale customer service in foreign market.

What would you like to add as a final point?

Consequently, we will walk on this path to be a brand in base and mattress sector by giving a particular importance to quality of product and customer satisfaction, and to contribute the country economy by putting emphasis on foreign market. Once again, I would like to give utterance my special thanks to the Sleepwell family for your contribution to the furniture sector.