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3rd Kayseri Furniture Fair held

Some of the exhibitors were completely from the mattress industry such as: Monessa, Cennet, Polestar, Istikbal, Bellona, Mondi, Lecto, Edas, Evger, Nil, Aldora, Elif, Cardinya, Comford, Ladin, Mese, Sefes, Kopru, Sarpella, Turuncu, Bedas, Aksu, Zafer and Hayal. The fair performed very well attracting many buyers especially from Iraq, Iran and other Middle Eastern countries. Sleep Well magazine was efficiently distributed at the fair. Speaking at the opening ceremony held at the World Trade Center, Kayseri Governor Serif Yilmaz said that Turkey had a strategic importance among the sectors with its added value in the furniture industry. Pointing out that the furniture industry was one of the locomotive sectors ofthe country with its 9 billion dolar domestic market volume, production potential and employment possibility. “The Kayseri furniture sector had started with production of sofas and armchairs. Thanks to advanced technology and new investments all kinds of manufacturing are made today. Kayseri is an important production hub with its worldwide known and recognized brands which are leading the sector,” the governor summarized. Governnor Yilmaz said that the region exports 323 million dollars worth of furniture to 95 countries and added, “This figure represents 20% of the country’s total furniture exports.

According to registered records there are 337 industrial establishments operating in the city in addition to 300 artisans and craftsmen. Over 20 thousand personnel are employed in the sector.” Speaking on his part Mustafa Boydak, Chairman of the Boards of Kayseri Chamber of Industry, said that they were very happy to host Professional visitors coming from many cities and countries. Muhammed bin Hassen, a Tunisian businessman attending the fair said that he was very happy with the sincere relations between Turkey and Tunisia and about the fair.